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Episode starts with the sudden arrival of Malhar in the home of Pratiksha which awestrucks her. He wants to come in but she doesn’t let her in as her husband isn’t in the home. She also asks him to come tomorrow. Malhar gives her some papers which need the sign of Pratiksha. To bring the pen, she goes inside. Meanwhile, Malhar plans to spoil the nuptial relationship of Pratiksha and mixes some drugs in the juice. He also arranges some powder which will be dangerous if someone inhales it. As soon as, Pratiksha will inhale the powder, she will cough incessantly, she wouldn’t be able to control it. The instability of Pratiksha would help to fulfill the of Malhar. Seeing Malhar inside, she shouts at him and asks why did he come inside in spite of her forbidden.

After a while, Pratiksha starts to cough as soon as she inhales the fragrance of the paper. Malhar offers her the glass of water which is drunk by Pratiksha. To make her delay, Malhar asks Pratiksha whether she has ever missed him. Hearing his question she becomes puzzled and asks him to get out of her house. On the other side, Ravi continuously calls Pratiksha but Malhar doesn’t let her to receive the phone. He also points out how close they were, how they were promised to be together. He also confesses his heart as he has the weakness for Pratiksha. She asks him to stop but also requests him to leave the house. Malhar wants to make her sure that he still has some soft corner for her. She lashes her out and showcases her happy conjugal life.

Here, Amardeep and Mandeep start their reverence attentively. But Ravi couldn’t able to concentrate on the Puja as he feels an uneasiness in himself. Biji asks him why does he look indifferent. Kavya also asks him the same question but he ignores her. He tries to call Pratiksha but couldn’t able connect. Mandip drags him in the mandap and asks him to be attentive.

Staring at Ravi, Kavya promises that she will live her rest of the life with Ravi. Her mother forbids to her to glorify her love and asks aside her plan with Malhar. Kavya describes her plan and promises that she will throw out Pratiksha. Something dangerous is going to happen tonight. What Ravi will see tonight, he will also throw her out not only from the house, but also from his life. Her mother couldn’t understand what’s her daughter is planning. Kavya explains her everything. She will create a scene as soon as she reach the house. They start to count the time, as they have to reach the house within half an hour. Seeing the stressed face of Ravi, Kavya suggests him to go to house.

Episode ends

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