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The episode starts with Kavya asking Mandip to go back home since Ravi is looking restless . Mandip and others agree with Mandip and decide to leave. Pratiksha feels dizzy and falls unconscious on Malhar’s arms. Ravi and others ring the calling bell. Since Pratiksha doesn’t open the door,  Kavya asks him to open the door with his extra key. He opens the door and sees Malhar and Pratiksha in a compromised position on the sofa. Ravi starts beating Malhar. Kavya asks Ravi to show his anger on Pratiksha and not him. 

Pratiksha lies on the sofa unconscious. Kavya tells that Pratiksha is the one who is wrong. Kinjal tries to defend Pratiksha when Manvi shows two glasses of drink lying on the table and says that Pratiskha must have been drinking with Malhar in their absence and having fun. Manvi and Kavya insults Pratiksha while Ravi asks Manvi and Kavya to shut up. Kavya raises questions on Pratiksha’s character so Hansa protests and asks Kavya to stop. 

Kinjal says that there must be something wrong and things are different than they are in reality. Hansa defends Pratiksha and says that if she insulted their family, she will see them. Kavya and Hansa engage in an argument. Ravi remains silent and listens to everything. Kavya tells that Pratiksha is very cunning and wants a husband in one hand and a lover in another. Manvi also taunts Hansa. She asks Hansa to wake up Pratiksha.  Kavya says that now she has understood everything and the truth is Malhar and Pratiksha are playing games with them. Manvi and Kavya say that she has both Ravi and Malhar in different posts. Ravi shouts at Kavya and asks her to speak with a little decency since she has spread negativity since she has come back.

 Kavya asks Malhar if he loves Pratiksha or not. Malhar says yes he does and Pratiksha also loves him. Malhar says that Pratiksha only called Malhar to come here since nobody was home. Hansa walks forward and slaps Malhar. Pratiksha regains consciousness and feels a heavy head. Mandip asks Pratiksha what was going on and what was she doing with Malhar. Kavya throws a glass full of water on Pratiksha’s face to bring her to consciousness. Kavya asks her to tell her love story. Pratiksha warns how dare Kavya talks to her like this. 

Manvi tells Pratiksha that she can’t make any more new stories now since everyone saw them. Pratiksha asks Malhar to tell everyone the truth that he came to take Pratiksha’s signatures on some papers. Malhar asks Pratiksha to tell everyone the truth about their affair. Episode ends. 

Recap: Malhar shows fake proofs to prove his and Pratiksha’s affair to teh entire family while Pratiksha says that he is lying and these are all fake. Ravi asks Pratiksha to prove her innocence. 

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