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The episode starts with Kaavya saying Mandeep how Ravi left her in this condition. She keeps screaming and says he has gone to Pratiksha. Kaavya tells Pratiksha is like that only, whenever Ravi is around her he keeps losing his senses. Mandeep asks Kaavya to calm down and overthinking about Pratiksha. Ravi stops Pratiksha and apologizes to her. He tells that what Kaavya and Mandeep did was wrong and hope she is fine. Pratiksha tells how is he apologizing. Ravi says he is apologizing just for today and not for previous actions.

Pratiksha and Ravi have an argument as she continues to tell him that he always hurt her and he should apologize when he feels by heart instead of his words which are attacking her like dagger. Kavya keeps blaming Ravi for taking Pratiksha’s side against her. Mandeep warns her to keep quiet and not argue unnecessarily. Ravi is just marrying her because of his promise given to Keerti. She continues saying Ravi doesn’t love her but instead considers her just as friend. Mandeep warns Kaavya not to take one wrong step or else Ravi will back out from marriage.

Ravi asks Pratiksha to forgive him. He teases her calling her bitter karela. She also teases him back. She offers him prasad jokingly so that he speaks sweeter. He takes and eats it. A little girl comes there and tells him that prasad was eaten by Pratiksha and now he ate it. He asks Pratiksha why she didn’t tell him, Pratiksha says he didn’t ask her. The little girl asks them not to argue and now that they ate same food there love will increase as her mother tells love is increased by eating shared food.

Hansa fixes Kinjal’s marriage with Avinash. Kinjal feels uncomfortable taking decision in absence of her sisters. Radhika gives her silver coin as shagun. She thinks to find Pratiksha and make her meet Avinash and his family before marrying. Pratiksha tells Ravi he cannot love her as he doesn’t know what love is, how he married her and left her at her home just for his revenge. She keeps saying and realizes Ravi is teary eyed. She feels guilty and thinks Ravi loved Keerti so deeply and she shouldn’t talked about love. Pratiksha apologises to him but he tells her dialogue back that she should apologize only if she feels by heart.

Pratiksha tells Ravi that she doesn’t need his attention and apologies, whole world keeps laughing and mocking her because of him however she will fight for her herself. Kavya meets Kinjal and tries to make fun of her but instead Kinjal mocks her. Later, Ravi keeps trying to get apology from Pratiksha. Her pallu gets stuck in his watch and they recall the old moments. Ravi follows her till her home. He asks her to tell its ok and he is busy as its his marriage. Pratiksha looks hurt and he asks if she is affected. The episode ends with Pratiksha asking Ravi what if she is affected, will he take her back to his home?

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Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharampatnii 24th March 2023 Written Update: Ravi is in dilemma