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Episode starts with Malhar asking Pratiksha to tell everyone about their affairs. Pratiksha shouts at Malhar and says that if he thinks that her family would believe in his nonsense then he is mistaken. Malhar says that he didn’t want to show everyone their personal messages but he has to do it now. Malhar shows everyone their fake messages. Mandip tells Pratiksha that she is ashamed of Pratiksha. Manvi and Kavya keep up with their drama. Hansa tries to defend Pratiksha by telling that those messages can be fake. Malhar says that if they think that those messages are fake, then what about these photos? He shows some fake photos of Pratiksha and Malhar. Kavya asks Ravi to see those pictures. Pratiksha tells Ravi that all of this is fake and she is being framed. Ravi asks her to prove that all of this is fake since she has the habit of proving everything herself. 

Pratiksha says that even Lord Rama took Sita’s exam so she will give her test too. She swears that she will erase this kalank in the next 24 hours and save the respect of a dharam patni. Hansa takes Malhar out of the house. Kavya tells Pratiksha that she can prove whatever she wants . No one will stop her but till then all her things need to be removed from Ravi’s room for which she will help Pratiksha herself. Ravi looks broken but says nothing. Kavya and Manvi enter Ravi’s room when Manvi asks Kavya to throw away all of Pratiksha’s belongings. Pratiksha says that she will keep all her things on her own. Kavya starts throwing Pratiksha’s belongings while Ravi enters her room,sees everythings but says nothing. Manvi assures Kavya that Pratiksha and Ravi’s story has come to an end. 

Pratiksha goes behind Ravi and asks him to have faith in her. She asks Ravi to listen to her story. Ravi says that nothing is left for talking now. Kavya instigates Ravi further so Pratiksha tries to stop Kavya.  Ravi asks Pratiksha to stop. He says that he has always respected Pratiksha and their marriage but while doing all this,he has lost his own respect. So he asks Pratiksha to meet at the court. Kinjal cries alone thinking about Pratiksha while she enters Kinjal’s room looking lost. They hug each other while sobbing. Kinjal says that she knows Pratiksha very well and has faith in her. She knows that Pratiksha would definitely prove her innocence.  Pratiksha says that she will definitely fight for herself and all those women who hesitate to fight and stand for themselves. Dadi enters their room and asks why Pratiskha is crying. Pratiksha says that she has broken Ravi’s heart. Dadi asks Pratiksha to divorce Ravi since he is against her now ! 

Dadi says that trust is the root of any relationship but if trust wears away then nothing matters. Dadi says that she is not in Ravi’s favour because he doesn’t stand for his wife. Pratiksha assures Dadi that she will stand for herself and prove herself. She will make everyone believe in her. Dadi praises Pratiksha as one in a million who works to unite her family. She blesses Pratiksha and asks her to prove her innocence. Episode ends. 

Recap : Pratiksha brings Malhar and Kavya’s truth in front of everyone. 

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