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The episode starts with Pratiksha contemplating the things that just happened. Pratiskha starts taking out her clothes from Kinjal’s cupboard. When Kinjal asks, she says that she won’t keep her things here. She would keep them in Ravi’s cupboard. Just because there is doubt that doesn’t mean that relationships will end. Ravi enters her room and he tells Pratiksha that his heart has broken and he can’t explain why. He says that she doesn’t even know how he is feeling right now. Ravi leaves her room with tears in his eyes. He says that he doesn’t even know why she is so important to him. 

Kavya comes running to Manvi and says that she is on the ninth cloud today and she is extremely happy for what happened today. Manvi says that she did the right thing by throwing away Pratiksha’s things. She asks Kavya to set up her things today only . She agrees to her mom and packs all her things to settle down in Ravi’s room. Manvi wants Ravi to slap Pratiksha in front of everyone. Kavya hears it and says that her dreams will definitely come true and Pratiksha would be thrown out of the house by Ravi himself. 

They enter Ravi’s room. Manvi asks where Ravi is. Kavya says that it doesn’t matter where he is because at the end of the day he is supposed to come back to this room. Manvi asks Kavya to take advantage of her night with Ravi and give good news to the Randhawa house. Kavya says that this is not her age to do all this so she will do these things later. Manvi tells Kavya that since Ravi is broken now, she must take the advantage and make him hers tonight only. She even suggests Kavya use the drug that Malhar used on Pratiksha. 

Pratiksha decides to not accept her loss since Ravi’s heart is broken and she needs Ravi.  She says to herself that she is in love with Ravi. Ravi enters his room and sees Kavya entering his room. He asks what she is doing here. Kavya says that this room has always been hers and this is her right. Ravi tells her that he has no intention to explain anything to her. Kavya touches Ravi in an intimate manner. Ravi feels uncomfortable and asks Kavya to stop it. Ravi says that Pratiksha would prove herself. Kavya asks him if he still thinks that Pratiksha is pure. Pratiksha calls Malhar and asks why he did this to her. Malhar asks Pratiksha if there was no love between them ever. 

Pratiksha says that since they never got married, then why is he saying all this. Malhar says that he loved Pratiksha and was supposed to get married to her but their fate didn’t comply so he won’t lose to anyone. Malhar tells Pratiksha to always protect her and asks her to come to him. Pratiksha says that he is just an unknown person to her, even worse than an enemy. He decides to go to any extent to make her his! Kavya tells Ravi that she is pure and tries to seduce him. Ravi tells Kavya that he never selected Kavya. Episode ends.

Recap: Pratiksha proves her innocence through a cctv footage and Kavya gets thrown out of the Randhawa house!

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