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The episode starts with Kavya creating a drama while Ravi asking her to stop. Pratiksha says that he wants to talk to Ravi. Kavya says that she won’t let her do anything. Kinjal intervenes and says that Pratiksha still has 24 hours to prove herself. Kinjal and Manvi indulge in a fight when Pratiksha asks her to stop. Manvi shouts at Pratiksha and says that she is Mandip’s friend and their business partner. Pratiksha says that these things don’t make Kavya Ravi’s wife. Manvi creates a drama. 

Beeji asks Manvi and others to let Pratiksha prove herself in the next twenty four hours. Dolly says that she must be a magician that she would prove herself in 24 hours. Kavya tells Ravi that if Pratiksha is not able to prove herself then Ravi would marry Kavy fulfilling rituals.  She asks if Pratiksha agrees to this or not. Ravi asks Pratiksha to think and then accept this challenge since its effects are supposed to impact Ravi directly. Pratiksha asks Kinjal to bring a bag from upstairs. Kavya tells Pratiksha that finally she has realised things. Amardeep says that he is feeling broken to see his family break. 

Kavya shows Pratiksha a chunni that Mandip gave her for their marriage. Pratiksha also shows Ravi a safa that her mother had given her for her husband. Pratiksha says that whatever they saw was fake and framed since Kavya and Malhar did all this. Malhar stands at the door with Hansa and says that Pratiksha is telling the truth. Pratiksha says that she has proof. She shows Kavya and Malhar’s chats that Kavya had sent Malhar. Kavya says that Pratiksha is a liar and her mobile was stolen for sometime. Now she knows who had stolen the phone. Malhar says that Prtaiksha took her uncle’s help and spoke to his senior. So he is supposed to tell the truth or else he will be suspended. Pratiksha shows everyone the CCTV footage of their hall. Pratiksha says sorry to Kavya for forgetting to tell her that she put a cctv camera in the hall. Kavya tries to slap her but Ravi stops her. He says that Kavya must not even try to slap Kavya ever. He apologises to Pratiksha. 

Ravi grabs Kavya’s hand and throws him out of their house. Kinjal, Hansa and Pratiksha hug each other. Ravi asks Malhar if he has any problem. Then he says that even if he has any problem, he doesn’t care. Ravi puts their khandani chunni over Pratiksha’s head while she puts her mom’s safa over Ravi. Mandip recalls all the moments when she insulted and hurt Pratiksha. She says that she would tie their knot herself. She ties their knot while  Kavya sees them from outside and bangs the door while asking Ravi to stop.  

Kinjal says that she would play the mantra for their marriage. Ravi and Pratiksha take saath phere around the pious fire while the mantra plays in the background. Both Ravi and Pratiksha look happy and content. After completing the phere, Ravi puts sindoor in Pratiksha’s mang and everyone claps. Then they seek the elder’s blessings. Mandip welcomes Pratiksha to the Randhawa family and they click a family photo . Episode ends. 

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