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In today’s episode, Ravi cancels his meetings with foreign clients and leaves to save Keerti. He reaches the factory. He spots Pratiksha but thinks that she is keerti. He keeps talking to her. Pratiksha wonders why the man is talking to her like he knows her well. He unties her and gets shocked seeing someone else in place of Keerti. Goons attack them. Ravi fights with the goons and saves Pratiksha from the goons. Pratiksha fails to see Ravi’s face.

He then goes to search Keerti. He sees that goons are surrounding her. He diverts the goons attention and goes near Keerti. He unties her. They have a cute argument. Pratiksha wonders what’s the name of her saviour. She recalls Ravi’s talkative nature and calls him Mr. Bakbak. Keerti and Ravi go to save the other girls. At home, Pratik, Kinjal and Parul worry for Pratiksha. Pratik gears up to go and search Pratiksha but Hansa and Kinjal ask him to wait for sometimes more. Malhar reaches near Duggal factory.

He finds Pratiksha’s dupatta and realises that she is inside. She informs the same to Hansa. Hansa asks him to rescue Pratiksha by hook or by crook. Goons attack Ravi and Keerti. Ravi beats the goons. He spots Malhar and thinks that he is another goon. He beats Malhar to impress Keerti. Malhar informs Ravi and Keerti that he is not a kidnapper but has come to save someone. He shows Pratiksha’s photo, Keerti recognises her. Ravi refuses to believe him. Malhar then video calls Hansa and gives them proof. Ravi realises his mistake and leaves.

Police come there and arrest the Kidnappers. Malhar goes to Pratiksha and tells her his identity that he has come to save her. Police goes to arrest Malhar too but Pratiksha gives him clean chit. Police and other girls thank Keerti and leave. Pratiksha praises Keerti and says that she got inspiration from her. Keerti also acknowledges Pratiksha’s courage. Ravi comes there. He stumbles. Pratiksha smiles seeing that however she again fails to see his face. Pratiksha tells Malhar that she wants to thank the person who has saved her life.

Malhar asks her to not do so as it’s not needed. Ravi, Keerti leave together. Malhar brings Pratiksha to Pratik’s house. Pratik gets relief. Kinjal, Parul hug Pratiksha. Parul tells Pratiksha that she got scared for the first time because of Pratiksha. Malhar and Hansa act like Malhar got the injuries while saving Pratiksha from goons. Pratik thanks Malhar for saving Pratiksha’s life.

Outside, Keerti’s house Ravi and Keerti have a cute banter. Later, Kinjal and Parul ask Pratiksha if Malhar really saved her life as he doesn’t look like a saviour from any angle. Pratiksha says that it was not Malhar but someone else. She recalls Ravi and calls him Mr. bakbak in her mind. She smiles again. Kinjal says that Pratiksha should have thanked that guy and get romantic with him. Pratiksha laughs it off. Malhar grows revengeful and says that he will teach a lesson to Ravi. The episode ends.

Precap – Ravi plans to propose Keerti. Pratik sets up a date for Pratiksha and Malhar. Pratiksha and Ravi meets inside a lift. Pratiksha congratulates Ravi and says that she has said yes for a proposal.

In today’s episode, Pratik recalls his conversation with his late elder brother when he asked Pratik to do the kanyadaan of Pratiksha along with him. Pratik thanked him and promised to treat Pratiksha and her sisters like his own daughters. He goes to Pratiksha’s parents’ picture and says that he will keep his promise. Hansa keeps talking to Malhar over phone. Pratik comes there and tells Hansa that he wants to take Pratiksha and sisters to Chandigarh at his own house. Hansa agrees without raising any objection. Pratik becomes happy. Hansa informs malhar regarding the same.

Pratik informs his decision to Pratiksha and her sisters. Pratiksha feels emotional to leave her parental house. Pratik convinces her saying that it’s important for the better future of her and her sisters. They all leave for Chandigarh. Pratiksha feels hopeful about her destiny. Hansa calls Malhar. Malhar says that he will impress and marry Pratiksha. Hansa says that it would not be easy as Pratiksha is a simple girl who will marry whomever Pratik will choose for her. She gets an idea. She says that she will give wrong adress to Pratiksha so that she gets lost in the lanes of Chandigarh. Then Malhar can rescue her and handover her to Pratik. Thus he will impress both Pratik Pratiksha, and marry Pratiksha eventually.

Outside Chandigarh station Hansa acts like she is feeling suffocating and asks Pratiksha to take a auto to reach their home. She gives her a paper and says that it has the address of their house. Pratiksha agrees. Others leave for Pratik’s adress by taxi. Later, Pratik notices that Pratiksha is missing and starts looking for her. Hansa asks him to not worry as according to her Pratiksha’s auto is following their taxi. Pratiksha tries to take auto but the driver refuses to go as per Hansa’s instruction. Pratiksha unfolds the papers and finds it blank. She feels helpless. Two men come there with Tempo.They search for Duggal industry.

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