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In today’s episode, Ravi and Keerti’s family dance on their engagement. Ravi sees that Keerti is saying him that she is there with him. He gets romantic dream of him and Keerti. Pratiksha drives the car. Kavya starts dancing. Gulshan, Manvi bless her. Aditya brings Ravi on the dance floor. Aditya’s mom ask Ravi to meet the media outside and distribute sweets among them. Aditya’s mom insists him by saying that media wants to meet the new couple. Ravi and Kavya come outside. Media congratulates them.

Kavya gives them the sweets. They request Ravi and Kavya to pose for photographs. Media asks Ravi about Pratiksha’s bail. Kavya asks media to not ask these. Ravi tells media that Pratiksha will get punished for her deeds. Media informs Ravi that Pratiksha is getting married within two days. Ravi vows infront of the media that he will charge Pratiksha’s world within next two days. Ravi leaves angrily. Ravi and Keerti’s parents discuss about the marriage preparations.

Manvi asks Ravi if he is happy. Ravi says yes. Manvi, Gulshan and Kavya leave. Ravi tells his parents that he is leaving for an urgent work. Deep asks Mandeep to give some time to Ravi so that he can accept everything. Ravi spots Pratiksha in the market. He follows her. Pratiksha handover someone her marriage card and invites him and his family. Ravi snatches the card from that person’s hand, tears it and tosses it in the air. Pratiksha questions Ravi for this behaviour. Ravi says she deserves it. He calls her a murderer for killing Keerti. Pratiksha sits in her car.

Ravi sits beside her. Pratiksha asks him to leave and says that she didn’t kill Keerti. She asks Ravi to take help of law instead of insulting her in public. Ravi says that he will make her admit her crime. Pratiksha asks him to do whatever he wants and says that she will repeat the same words till death that she didn’t kill Keerti. She questions Ravi for getting engaged to Kavya. Ravi dares her to not question his love for Keerti. Pratiksha says she will if Ravi questions her character. Some goons enter the car and held Ravi, Pratiksha at gun points. They ask both to follow their instructions.

Deep and Mandeep discuss about Ravi and Kavya’s alliance that Ravi finally looks happy after so long and they should stay happy for him. Goons say that they have kidnapped Ravi and Pratiksha for money. Pratiksha and Ravi have a silly argument. Goons ask both to shut up. They think that Ravi and Pratiksha are husband and wife who are having differences. Malhar looks at Pratiksha’s photo and imagines their first night. Raghu comes in his dream and scares him.

Raghu calls him. He doesn’t pick up his calls. Ravi complains about Pratiksha to the kidnappers. Hansa complains about Pratiksha to Kinjal and Parul as she is not returning home. She asks Kinjal to call Pratiksha as mehendi artist is coming home soon. Kinjal calls Pratiksha. Kidnappers don’t let her pick up the call. They again call Ravi and Pratiksha husband and wife. Ravi and Pratiksha say that they hate each other. They blame each other for the current situation.

Kidnappers see Ravi and Malhar’s marriage card. They don’t like Malhar’s name and says that Ravi and Pratiksha look like a perfect couple. They ask Ravi about his fiance and makes fun of him. Pratiksha informs them about Keerti and asks them to not make fun of someone’s emotions. Kidnappers learn Ravi’s name and says Pratiksha Ravi Randhawa sounds great. The episode ends.

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