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In today’s episode, Keerti enters her house. Ravi meets her younger sister Kavya. Kavya flirts with Ravi. She expresses her feelings for Ravi. Ravi doesn’t get her. He instead gets idea about what to tell Keeti while proposing. He leaves happily. A matchmaker Rashika visits Pratik’s place. She sees Pratiksha and recognises her. She says that Pratiksha’s name got spoiled in the society as she broke her own marriage. She also predicts that Pratiksha will always stay unmarried as none will ever marry her. Pratik loses his calm.

He declares that Pratiksha will not only become someone’s wife but she will become a perfect Dharam Patni. He shows door to Rashika. Rashika left. Hansa plans to use this opportunity. She manipulates Pratik saying that whatever he said to Rashika is difficult to do in reality. She also says that if Pratiksha doesn’t get married Parul, Kinjal will also stay unmarried rest of her life. She mentions Malhar’s name. Pratik tries to object at first. Hansa says that Malhar will always keep Pratiksha happy, also he will become a police sub inspector soon. Pratik gets convinced at last.

Ravi makes his secretary Tania call Keerti and calls her for a meeting. Ravi plans to propose Keerti for marriage in a grand way. Pratik tells Pratiksha about Malhar. He fixes a date of Pratiksha and Malhar. Pratiksha gets ready to meet Malhar. She reaches the same place where Ravi plans to propose Keerti. Ravi thinks that Keerti has come. Pratiksha experiences the things that Ravi has organised for Keerti like foam and buble shower, romantic music etc. Her face gets covered in foam. Ravi takes her hand and proposes her in a very romantic way.

Pratiksha feels special. When she finally wipes her face, Ravi recognises her and realises that he has done blunder again. Ravi gets restless. Pratiksha gives him courage and asks him to propose Keerti the same way he proposed her. Ravi asks her to disappear. Pratiksha meets Keerti on her way but she avoids her as she doesn’t want Ravi to land in further trouble because of her. Hansa talks about jewlery with Malhar over phone. Kinjal hears their conversation and breaks cup in anxiety. Hansa scolds her. Malhar reaches the restaurant and worries as Hansa has giver her only 2000 rupees for the date.

Pratiksha comes there. Malhar talks very bluntly with her. He says that he can never do romantic stuffs as he is very much practical and ambitious guy. He says that Pratik and Hansa want them to get married so they should get married. Pratiksha agrees and says that she will whatever her uncle will ask her to do. She says yes for the proposal. Malhar says that people only do romantic stuffs in movies it’s not possible in real. Pratiksha recalls Ravi and thinks that it’s possible in real life too and Keerti is very lucky. She smiles. The episode ends.

Precap – Ravi proposes Keerti and they spend romantic time. Ravi and Pratiksha get stuck in lift. Pratiksha congratulates him and says that she has said yes for proposal. Malhar asks Pratiksha to go with him via taxi.

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Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharampatnii 2nd December 2022 Written Update: Ravi, Pratiksha’s first meeting