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The episode starts with Adi telling Kinjal that he likes Kinjal. She made it very clear to him that she doesn’t like him at all and he shouldn’t feel anything for her. She asked Adi to not flirt with him. After Kavya wore her dupatta she started having severe itching in her arms. After some time, Amayra said that it must be because of the itchy powder that she had applied on Pratiksha’s dupatta. Someone had changed Kavya’s dupatta and kept Pratiksha dupatta there. Adi came to Kinjal’s room and both of them almost had a cat fight over some lame issues. Kavya decided to teach Pratiksha a lesson. Pratiksha got ready and came out of the washroom when Ravi had fallen asleep there. Pratiksha was trying to wear her necklace but was unable to tie the knot. Ravi woke up by that time and was staring at Pratiksha. He moved forward and asked Pratiksha if he could help her. Pratiksha said yes to him. Pratiksha asked Ravi to go down since she would join him in a while but Ravi couldn’t resist staring at Pratiksha. Kinjal already got to know Kavya’s plan beforehand. So she was the one who had mixed the itchy powder in Kavya’s dupatta to teach her a lesson.

Kinjal pretended to call someone and was seen telling that Pratiksha would be made to dance while Kavya would be sitting on the tarazu. Since the media would cover the dance, Pratiksha would be portrayed as Ravi’s wife. Kavya heard this and thought of another plan. She fell in Kinjal’s trap and decided that she wouldn’t sit on the tarazu but dance. She thought that if she dances then the media would cover her and everyone would be impressed to see her dance.

Ravi confessed to Adi that when Pratiksha came in front of him tonight he couldn’t resist himself from staring at Pratiksha. He is never able to distract himself from staring at Pratiksha. According to him, Pratiksha must have done some kind of black magic on Ravi due to which he was behaving like this. Adi told him that his heart was stolen by Pratiksha. Ravi couldn’t accept the fact that he had fallen in love with Pratiksha. He almost freaked out after he heard from Adi that his heart was stolen and left from there.

After the break, Mandip was seen making an announcement in the party that for the next ritual, they would make the Randhawa’s bahu sit on one side of the tarazu and put an equal amount of jewels on the other half of the tarazu. She would also announce that before the ritual there would be a dance performance. Kinjal informed Pratiksha about Kavya’s plan and how she ruined half of her plan. She asked Pratiksha to cover her face with the ghunghat and sit on the tarazu so that when she unveils herself people see.Pratiksha as the Ramdhawa’s bahu. Pratiksha looked happy and decided to teach Kavya a lesson.

Recap : The tarazu ritual would begin and Pratiksha would be seen under the veil and thought of as Ravi’s wife.

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