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The episode starts with Keerti teases Ravi. Ravi says her teasing isn’t funny. He then receives a call and tells the family members there is a bomb. The family gets worried and shocked. Ravi then apologises to the family members and informs them about him proposing Keerti. They all gets happy. Ravi’s siblings teases him and the family members asks him how did he proposed Keerti. How filmy it is. Ravi’s mother gets happy with his choice. Ravi informs all of them about his blunder. They all makes fun of him. His siblings asks Keerti even after all this what made her agree to his proposal. Keerti praises him and proposes him infront of his family. Family gets happy. Ravi and Keerti gets romantic. Later Kavya is in her room. Ravi goes to her room. Kavya gets happy but shocks when Ravi tells her that he proposed Keerti. He then takes Kavya out saying her parents are there. Keerti’s mother asks Keerti is she took a decision in hurry. Keerti’s father supports Keerti’s decision. They both gets into an argument. Keerti feels helpless.

Ravi expresses his happiness of Keerti accepting his proposal. Kavya gets unhappy and jealous. Ravi goes to where Keerti’s parents were. Keerti’s mother tells they have a really short time to arrange for engagement that too next day taking place as per Ravi’s parents wish. Ravi convinces Keerti’s mother. Both of them blesses the couple. Kavya who sees this from far fumes in jealousy. Ravi and Keerti gets closer but Kavya interrupts them. She then acts weird which confuses Ravi but he ignores it. Kavya tells them she is going to a club to party so start the engagement arrangements tomorrow itself. Ravi insists Kavya to drop her in his club. Kavya agrees. Ravi asks Keerti the reason behind her agreeing to his proposal apart from his goofy side. Keerti tells they both knows each other since childhood. He knows her passion to do social work. He will never stop her though so this is also made her agree to his proposal. Later Kavya goes to the club and dances with a guy named Ravish as it has Ravi in it. She tells that guy this club belongs to her future brother in law. She drinks a lot.

Malhar is with his friend having drink. His friend try to take him out seeing a couple but Malhar refuses. Malhar then notices the couple. He deliberately gets into an argument with them but fails to defeat the guy which makes the couple to make joke of him. Malhar gets angry and tells them about Pratiksha. He then calls Pratiksha and asks her to meet him outside the house. Pratiksha agrees. Ravi pleads Keerti to tell him say love you. Keerti teases him then disconnects the call when her mother calls her. Ravi gets upset but goes inside the club where he sees a guy misbehaving with Kavya so he beats the guy also warns him. Kavya gets happy. Ravi takes an intoxicated Kavya with him. Malhar takes Pratiksha to a house. Pratiksha wonders why Malhar took her here and hesitates to enter when the latter asks her to and looks on.

Precap: Malhar tries to molest Pratiksha but the latter escapes from there. Ravi rescues Pratiksha. Pratiksha tells her aunt she won’t marry Malhar. She also feels the connection towards Ravi.

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