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In today’s episode, Malhar asks Pratiksha to come inside the room. Pratiksha hesitates but goes inside half heartedly. Malhar keeps the door little open so that his friends can hear their conversation. He talks to Pratiksha at first. Pratiksha wishes to go home. Later, Malhar tries to molest Pratiksha. Pratiksha slaps and pushes Malhar. She leaves from there. Malhar goes behind her. His friends observe everything. Ravi tells Kavya that Keerti is worrying for her. Kavya says that she hates her sister. Ravi gets clueless. He goes to bring water bottle for Kavya. Pratiksha comes there and collides with Ravi.

Ravi sees that Pratiksha is crying bitterly. He does not ask her the reason of crying but gives her his handkerchief as a support. He encourages Pratiksha to fight back and teaches lesson to the person who is the reason of her tears. He uses many motivational lines and says that his grandmother taught him all these in his childhood and he is a feminist because of her. Pratiksha thanks Ravi and leaves. Ravi goes back to Kavya. Kavya tries to become touchy with Ravi. She tells Ravi that she never made a boyfriend as she tried to find Ravi in all the guys. She says that she loves Ravi and hates her sister for the same reason.

Ravi gets shocked. He keeps asking her to shut up. Then as last option he throws water on Kavya. Kavya cries. Ravi says that he loves Keerti only not only for this life but for all his upcoming lives if there will be any. He also says that Kavya is only Keerti’s sister for him nothing more than than. He makes Kavya sit in the car and leaves from there. He thinks that he got motivation for himself while motivating Pratiksha. Pratiksha goes to Mata Rani’s temple. She recalls whatever happened that day. She wonders why destiny brings Ravi in front of her whenever she is in need. She thanks the goddess for sending Ravi today.

Malhar comes back to take key. His friends mock him and call him a loser. Malhar leaves angrily from there. Later, he fumes in anger and vents his frustration alone. He feels insulted and says that he won’t forget this insult. He decides to teach good lesson to Pratiksha by punishing her for the rest of her life. Pratiksha comes back home. Hansa asks her where she went without telling anyone. Pratiksha informs Hansa that she can’t marry Malhar.

Hansa, Parul and Kinjal get shocked. Hansa tries to manipulate Pratiksha but Pratiksha uses Ravi’s lines to support her decision. She informs everyone that Malhar has tried to molest her. Later, Parul and Kinjal support Pratiksha ‘s decision. Kinjal wishes to teach lesson to Malhar for misbehaving with her sister but Pratiksha says that Pratik and Hansa will handle the matter.

Kinjal asks Pratiksha from where she has gained so much courage that she told all those lines on Hansa’s face. Pratiksha says that she met Ravi again and he motivated her to say all these. Parul and Kinjal become happy. They tease Pratiksha using Ravi’s name. Pratiksha remembers Ravi and thanks him in her mind. Hansa tounge lashes Malhar in her mind for spoiling her game and decides to teach him a good lesson. The episode ends.

Precap – Pandit ji tells everyone that if Pratiksha gets engaged at a particular time tomorrow everything good will happen in her life. Pratiksha choses the same ring that Keerti has chosen for her engagement. Pratiksha learns the same from the store keeper but fails to remove the ring from her finger. Ravi comes there with Keerti.

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