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The episode starts with the story taking place in Ujjain 2008, Purnima asks Raj if they are doing the right thing. Raj says there is never a right time to do something like this. Raj says it will be troublesome to convince Dadaji but once he convinces Dadaji no one will say no to them being together.

The doctor comes and says to Raghuvanshi family that they couldn’t save the patient. The Raghuvanshi family cries hearing about the news.

It is shown the Raghuvanshi are doing Dadaji’s last rites. Naren calls Chirag to take Dadaji to the graveyard. Damayanthi’s brother stops Chirag and says Damayanthi has only gave pain to Dadaji and they can’t allow Chirag to take Dadaji to the graveyard.

The Raghuvanshi family takes Dadaji. Chirag says to Raghuvanshi that Raj is responsible for Dadaji’s death. Sumitra says Raj really tried to save Dadaji and it isn’t his fault. Chirag asks Sumitra if it isn’t his fault then whose fault is it. Raj’s father thinks about Raj holding Purnima’s hand.

Raj’s family takes Dadaji to the graveyard and does the last rites for him. Purnima witnesses this from afar. Raj after returning home brings the ashes to Damayanthi. Damayanthi apologises to Dadaji’s ashes. Damayanthi touches Raj’s hand. Damayanthi sees Raj’s future and thinks no one can save Raj.

Raj in the night recalls what happened. Raj thinks about Purnima and decides to go to her. Raj gets on his bike and notices that his bracelet has fallen on the road so he goes to get it. A tree branch falls on Raj’s bike. Sumitra witnesses this from afar. Sumitra comes to Raj and asks Raj if he is fine. Raj says he is fine. Raj takes the branch of his bike. Sumitra asks Raj to stop thinking about Purnima and says he should be with his family not with Purnima as Purnima is a bad omen in his life as once she stepped into their house they lost Dadaji. Raj defends Purnima. Sumitra doesn’t listen to Raj and takes him back home.

Radha comments on Raj to Purnima as he hasn’t come to meet them till now. Radha asks Purnima to forget about Raj.

The next morning, Purnima comes to Raj’s house to return Dadaji’s ring as they forget it at the grave yard. Sumitra sees Purnima and asks Purnima and asks Purnima how dare she come here. Sumitra sees Raj coming downstairs so Sumitra takes Purnima away from there.

Sumitra says to Purnima that she is a bad omen in Raj’s life. Sumitra says she always puts Raj’s life in danger. Purnima says Raj helped her when she is always in trouble so why would she put Raj in danger. Sumitra says to Purnima how Raj faced danger again and again due to her and says she is an inauspicious person. Purnima asks Sumitra if she really thinks she did all of this. Raj’s father comes and says yes and comment on her. Sumitra says to Purnima that if she wants Raj to be safe then she should leave Raj. Raj spots Sumitra and Purnima so he goes looking for Purnima. Raj calls for Purnima. Purnima sees Raj and leaves from there.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Purnima is shown to be chasing by goons. Raj rescues Purnima from them.

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