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The episode starts with the story taking place in Ujjain 2008, Damayanthi says to Sumitra that the one who marries Raj will become his shield. Sumitra asks Damayanthi if Raj will be safe until Purnimavas. Damayanthi says until Purnima is with Raj, Raj will be safe. Sumitra asks Damayanthi what does she mean. Damayanthi says to Sumitra that someone wants to separate Purnima and Raj and says if Purnima gets separated from Raj then Raj will be in danger. Sumitra asks Damayanthi who is it. Damayanthi looks at books for a solution.

Raj helps Purnima in tying her blouse threads and apologises to Purnima as his family scolded her when she hasn’t done anything wrong. Purnima says to Raj that she doesn’t mind his family’s words as they are also her family. Purnima and Raj later tease each other. Raj shows Purnima how they will do a Pillow fight. Raj later acts as if he is hurt. Raj puts Purnima on bed and does romance with her.

Damayanthi gives sacred ash to Sumitra and asks Sumitra to apply this sacred ash to Raj and Purnima and make them stand infront of Haldi Gangajal then she will see the face of the person who wants to hurt Raj and Purnima. Shaina overhears this and worries if it will show her face in the Haldi Gangajal.

Sumitra comes to Purnima. Sumitra brings Raj and Purnima together. Sumitra asks her sister in law to bring the big bowl. Raj asks Sumitra what is going on. Sumitra asks Raj to stay quiet for some time. Sumitra applies sacred ash to Raj and Purnima. Sumitra pours Haldi Gangajal into the bowl and says to Raj that Damayanthi told her they will see the enemy if Raj who is trying to hurt him if they do this. Raj doesn’t believe in all of this and tries to leave but Purnima stops Raj.

Shaina sees Chirag throwing rocks so she opens the window. Raj argues with Sumitra as they haven’t seen any face. Purnima sees a mask in the Haldi Gangajal. A rock falls in the Haldi Gangajal. Sumitra thinks they are just about to see the face of the enemy but it is interrupted. Purnima sees Chirag leaving from there. Raj goes to hospital.

Purnima serves food to all of the Raghuavanshi family. Gururaj sees Purnima and gets up from the table without eating anything. Purnima pleads Gururaj not to take out his anger on food and says she will not come infront of him if he doesn’t like her.

Purnima cleans the kitchen. Shaina says to Purnima that she cleans the kitchen really well. Shaina says to Purnima that from when she is a kid, she thought of Raj’s house as her house. Purnima comments on it and asks Shaina when is she going to leave.

Purnima waits outside for Raj. A masked person comes to Purnima and scares Purnima. Purnima tries to escape from the masked person but the masked person hits her on the head with a wooden log and drags her away. Purnima sees Raj and calls for Raj.

The masked person sees Raj and runs into the woods. Purnima chases the masked person. The masked person runs behind a tree. Purnima comes to the tree and finds that the masked person has taken off his mask. Purnima throws a wooden log at him. Raj raises his hand to hit the masked person but he gets shocked seeing that it is Chirag.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Raj hands Chirag over to the cops for attacking his wife. Purnima suspects Shaina as Shiana looks scared and there is shown to be lipstick marks on the mask.

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