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The episode starts with Poonam coming infront of Raj and asking Raj how is the apple juice. Raj argues with Poonam as she pours apple juice in his alcohol bottle and there is no alcohol in the bottle.

Poonam later asks Raj from when has he started drinking. Raj says to Poonam that after he learnt that she has not been reborn. Raj says he came into his room and he found a bottle and he drank it. Raj says the next day he woke up and he found another bottle in his room and he drank it. Poonam asks Raj where did the new bottle come from if he hasn’t got it. Raj says to Poonam that he doesn’t know and he never thought about it. Raj says to Poonam that she has left him but this drink hasn’t left him from the last 18 years. Raj comments on Poonam. Poonam leaves from there.

Poonam acts as if she is intoxicated. Poonam says to Raj that now she also drank alcohol and now they are both the same. Raj asks Poonam to give this bottle to her. Poonam comments on it. Raj pours the bottle. Poonam stops her acting and says to Raj that he hasn’t drank alcohol today. Raj says only for today. Poonam says today he atleast took a first step.

Sumitra gives money to Rajneesh and says she hopes that he is creating a rift in between Raj and Poonam. Rajneesh says he already started the work. It is shown Rajneesh is the one who took Poonam’s assignment from her bag and later acts as if he found it. Sumitra says she will give the rest of the money after the work is done.

Raj feeds to Poonam. Poonam says to Raj that she hopes that they will always be together like this. Raj comments on it. Poonam gets a call frrom Rajneesh. Poonam later says to Raj that she has to go to the hospital to study with her study partner. Poonam says to Raj that she got internship in his hospital as Nirvan Sir gave it to her. Poonam says she can do internship and also study in the hospital. Raj says he will drop her. Poonam says to Raj that Rajneesh is coming to pick her up.

Some guests come to Raghuvanshi mansion and they see Raj and Poonam together and think they are husband and wife and comment on them. Raj says they are not husband and wife.

Rajneesh takes Poonam away from there. Sumitra witnesses all of it and smiles to herself.

Sumitra calls Rajneesh and says a mother and daughter got into an accident in Sathwadi village and they ask Rajneesh to come along with a lady doctor. Rajneesh agrees. Rajneesh asks Poonam to come with her. Poonam agrees.

Sumitra says to Raj that Poonam forgot her lunch box here. Sumitra says to Ran that they should go and give it. Raj agrees.

Raj and Poonam come to the location but they don’t find any patient here. Rajneesh says they should wait here for the patient. Poonam agrees.

Raj comes to the hospital and learns that Poonam has left to Sathwadi village with Rajneesh for an emergency case.

The next day, Poonam wakes up and sees that no one has come. The Raghuvanshi family come to Poonam and Rajneesh location.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Raj asks Poonam how could she stay with a guy outside the whole night. Poonam reminds Raj that Rajneesh is her colleague. Poonam argues with Raj and says he is not the old Raj. Raj says he also thinks she is not Purnima but she is Poonam.

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