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The episode starts with Poonam coming to a street. Poonam notices a girl dressed like Purnima going on a bicycle. Poonam chases that girl. It is shown Shaina is dressed as Purnima and leads Poonam into her trap. Poonam sees Shaina going into the warehouse. Poonam goes into the warehouse. Shaina later locks Poonam in the warehouse. Poonam searches for a way out and shouts for help. Gas is shown to be spreading in the warehouse. Poonam suffocates due to the Gas. Shaina thinks Poonam will go to Purnima soon.

Kuhu looks for Poonam in the house. Netra says Poonam will be here in a minute. Kuhu sees a woman dressed in black coming to the house. Kuhu gets scared along with Netra. Netra asks Kuhu to hide. Netra tries to confront the masked woman but the masked woman knocks her out. Kuhu hides in the refrigerator as she is scared of the masked woman.

Poonam asks Bholenath to save her from here. Poonam notices that behind the Bholenath’s photo there is a hole. Poonam escapes from the hole and returns home.

It is shown Shaina is the one who is disguised as a masked person. Shaina calls Raj and says she returned home and found that Kuhu isn’t anywhere in the house. Shaina thinks today she will be out of this house.

Poonam returns home and she searches for Kuhu along with Raj and Shaina. Poonam notices the Kuhu’s hair band outside the refrigerator. Poonam gets Kuhu out of the refrigerator. Raj sees that Kuhu has got hypothermia. Raj treats Kuhu and he feels relieved seeing that Kuhu is fine. Raj blames Poonam for Kuhu’s situation. Raj asks Poonam why did she leave the house Angad what is such an important work. Poonam says she wanted to know about Purnima and she tried to meet her. Poonam says she saw Purnima and followed her. Raj says to Poonam that Purnima is dead. Raj lashes out at Poonam and warns her that if this kind of thing repeats again he will not spare her. Shaina thinks Raj has gone mad as Raj isn’t throwing Poonam out of the house even after seeing Kuhu in that condition.

Poonam feels guilty with what happened. Netra comforts Poonam.

Raj recalls what happened and wakes up from his nightmare. Raj sees Kuhu and talks to Kuhu. Kuhu says to Raj that he wanted him and Shaina to always be with her.

Poonam couldn’t talk due to her dreams. Poonam thinks of how will she get answers to her dreams and thinks the baba she met last time might know the answers that she is looking for.

Poonam comes out of the house and she notices there is no baba but when she turns around she finds the Baba. Poonam asks Baba to tell her who is Purnima what is her connection with Raj. Baba speaks in riddles. Poonam still presses Baba to tell her the way on how she will get her answers. Baba says to Poonam that she will find three things in these three days which will lead her to her answers. Baba says if Bholenath blesses her then fire will show her the way to her answers.

Raj decides to move on in his life for Kuhu and forget about Purnima.

The next day, Shaina confirms that she is pregnant with Vicky’s child and thinks she has to hide about it from everyone. Raj says to Shaina that he would like to tell her something along with the rest of the family. Raj asks Shaina to come downstairs.

Raj says to Raghuvanshi family that he decided to move to Canada along with Shaina and Kuhu as they also always say that he needs to spend time with Kuhu. Raj asks Kuhu if she will move to Canada with them. Kuhu says yes.

Poonam leaves from there. Poonam cries to herself. Raj comes to Poonam and says to Poonam that he knows she is worried about her job and comments on it. Poonam hugs Raj and asks Raj not to leave to Canada.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Poonam thinks Baba told her that she will find three things that will lead her to her answers. Purnima’s cloth falls in Poonam’s hands. Raj hugs Poonam thinking of Purnima.

Purnima’s mother comes to Raghuvanshi house and tries to burn herself alive. Raj stop her. Purnima’s mother slaps Raj.

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