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The episode starts with Rati confronting Purnima about her feelings towards Raj. A stranger is shown to be trying to sabotage the lift mechanism after Raj steps into the elevator.

Rati says she is hungry. Purnima says she will make her favourite food after they return home. Rati agrees. Purnima goes to get medicine but some papers fall on the ground. Purnima picks it up. Raj sees that Purnima is about to run into oxygen cylinders. Raj gets out of the lift and pulls Purnima away and saves her. The lift is shown to be falling. Chirag is shown to be at the hospital.

Shreyas feel relieved that Raj is safe. Raj assures Shreyas that he is fine and asks Shreyas not to tell Sumitra about it.

Shreyas says to Sumitra what happened at the hospital and thinks Purbima is a bad shadow over Raj.

Purnima’s mother invites Purnima into the house. Murali gives the good news to Purnima that Pandit fixed their marriage date and it is next Monday. Murali says to Purnima that he will be the one who will put shackles to her feet after 6 days. Purnima’s mother asks Purnima to take Murali’s elders blessings. Purnima leaves from there.

Sumitra does the warding off evil eye ritual to Raj. Raj asks Sumitra what is this. Sumitra says she is doing this as he has Purnima’s bad shadow over him. Raj comments on Sumitra. Sumitra asks Raj to swear on her that he will not meet Purnima. Raj says he will not swear anything and asks Sumitra to stop blaming Purnima. Sumitra asks Raj if he will go against her for Purnima. Raj says there is nothing like that. Sumitra asks Raj to not step out of the house. Raj reminds that he has to go to hospital and comments on it. Raj’s Dadaji says to Raj that he can go to hospital if he wants and but he should not meet Purnima. Raj stays silent.

Murali brings Purnima and her mother to do shopping for the wedding. Murali asks Purnima’s mother to buy whatever clothes she would like. Murali says he will take Purnima to do shopping in other shops. Purnima’s mother agrees to it.

Murali sees Raj and says to Purnima that now no one can stop him from touching her waist as they are going to be married within 6 days. Murali asks the shop salesman to show him honeymoon. Dresses. Murali puts those dresses to Purnima. Raj holds his hand really tight that blood is shown to be falling out of his hand.

Sumitra talks with Raj’s Dadaji. Raj’s Dadaji says to Sumitra that Raj will never go against him.

Murali pulls Purnima’s Dupatta. Purnima slaps Murali. Murali slaps Purnima and asks Purnima to learn to listen to her husband. Purnima comments on Murali. Murali raises his hand at Purnima again. Raj stops Murali. Raj beats up Murali. Raj gives Purnima’s dupatta to her. Purnima warns Raj. Raj sees Murali swinging the rod. Raj ducks and beats him up. Purnima’s mother asks Raj to stop it. Purnima asks Raj why did he hit Murali like this. Raj says she needs to protect Purnima from Murali. Raj leaves from there.

Purnima meets a lady with a baby at the temple. Purnima learns that Raj saved the lady and baby and he hasn’t taken a single dime. The lady takes the baby and leaves from there.

Damayanthi asks Purnima how much is a plate. Purnima says she will prepare it and gives it to Damayanthi. Damayanthi touches her hand and sees Purnima’s future.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Purnima calls for Raj saying she needs his help. Raj says he will come right away.

Purnima is shown to be trying to escape the wedding by fighting with a fire torch.

Raj’s Dadaji falls off the first Floor and Raj admits Dadaji in the hospital and does treatment.

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