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The episode starts with Bhopu talking to Ghazala and Sahil and asking them to come for wedding. But Sahil tells that Chahat is not here yet so Bhopu says that they should be done with candle lighting ritual. Ghazala says that she has not heard of such a ritual but Bhopu says that it is his native ritual they just have to light a candle and Sahil will take 10 rounds of this room. They don’t seem to be convinced so Bhopu twists his talks and somehow draws them into believing him. Sahil agrees to do the ritual, while Dua goes to Alka’s room to give her juice.

Dua tells Alka that Shlok wanted to take her downstairs so she will go and get him. After Dua leaves Alka drinks the juice but feels dizzy and falls unconscious after a minute. Chahat thinks of some excuse she can make to get out of here else Sahil will expose her truth to Neel. Vyas ji asks to bring to bride so Shlok offers to bring Alka but Chahat convinces him to be here and she will get Alka. Bhopu on the other hand is keeping Sahil and Ghazala busy by making him do the stupid stuff but is scared of getting caught before Chahat comes.

Chahat decides to tell Alka that she is staying here in disguise so that she can help her to find out about Vyas ji’s truth. She goes to Alka’s room and finds her unconscious, she assumes that she fell unconscious due to weakness and goes out did getting salt water for her. But she is found by Shlok and Dua who think that she is Alka, Dua asks her to lift her veil but Shlok says that this is a ritual in which the bride has to cover her face. Mami also comes there and they take Chahat to the mandap, Chahat is tensed as she can’t tell them that she is not Alka. Sahil trembles while walking backwards so Ghazala asks him to stop doing this stupid ritual.

Ghazala doubts Bhopu, suddenly Sahil clashes with him and his fake moustache comes off. Sahil confronts him angrily, Ghazala and him realize that Chahat ditched them and was wasting their time. Sahil asks Ghazala to come to Neel’s house with him, Bhopu attempts to stop them but fails. Meanwhile Chahat is made to sit beside Neel in mandap while Naveli thinks that she fell unconscious after drinking the juice. Vyas ji asks them to put their hand forward but Chahat hesitates. Neel, thinking that she is Alka, says that he is not marrying her under pressure and will not let her down. He takes her hand in his hand and feels like he is holding Chahat’s hands, he goes on a memory lane.

Sahil and Ghazala reach Neel’s house, they spot Neel and his bride sitting but don’t see Chahat. Sahil goes inside to check while Ghazala keeps watch on them. The wedding ritual proceeds and Vyas ji asks Naveli to do the gathbandhan. Naveli does the gathbandhan while Sahil finds Alka lying unconscious in a room and wonders who is there with Neel. He informs Ghazala about the same, Ghazala sees Chahat’s face coincidentally while Chahat also spots Ghazala there and gets worried about her intentions. Ghazala thinks that Chahat planned to marry Neel and kept them busy to do so by sending Bhopu.

Ghazala sees Shlok running and asks him to give a letter to Chahat by saying that she is her friend. Shlok give Chahat the letter which reads that Chahat did a mistake by plotting against her religion people and now Neel will have to pay the price by dying. She gets enraged while Vyas ji asks them to stand up for pheres, Chahat looks at Ghazala who takes out a gun and threatens to kill Neel. Ghazala points the gun towards Neel so Chahat pushes him down, causing her veil to fall and she also falls on him. Neel is shocked this see her and so are others while Naveli is happy. The episode ends.