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Vyas ji starts reading the mantras but coughs in between. Aalekh is convinced that Vyas ji won’t be able to complete the puja and he will complete it and become next mahant. Vyas ji starts coughing again when Neel speaks the mantras and comes wearing the rudraksh for performing puja.

 Chahat and mama ji are happy to see him but the others are not. Vyas ji is shocked and emotional when Neel comes beside him and they perform puja together.

Aalekh gets enraged and looking towards Saraswati’s photo, vows to kill Vyas ji and Neel. Chahat apologizes to Saraswati for lying about the letter but she did all that to fulfil her wish.

At night Chahat sits on bed and thinks Neel is lying there talks to him but finds out that he is not there. She tries to find him and while walking hits Neel who is sleeping on floor. He says that sitting for 8 hours in puja has got him cramps on back that’s why he is sleeping on floor.

Meanwhile mama ji gives hot water bag to Vyas ji and says that he was very happy seeing Neel and him today. Aalekh says that Neel won’t need to do this everyday but Vyas ji says that maybe some day he would want to do so.

 He expresses his hope that some day Neel might want to be the next mahant. Aalekh gets furious and throws the bottle of cough syrup. He starts seeing Chahat as a threat and decides to do something.

Chahat gives back massage to Neel and says that he should not be angry rather think that who stole Naveli’s phone. She says that someone is conspiring against him and this may be connected to Saraswati’s death.

Now Neel gives her a look at which she says that he will not be able to trust her completely but he should think logically but he doesn’t listen and sleeps. In morning Chahat wakes up and finds Neel missing so she goes to brush where she finds a toothbrush give by Neel with a letter.

Chahat finds a mobile with sim card left by Neel and is surprised by his gesture. She freshens up and goes down but Mami taunts her and asks her to serve food. She serves to Neel and asks why he gave her the phone but he doesn’t answer.

 She serves to everyone and sits to eat trying to call Neel by signalling. When he doesn’t notice her, she whistles which shocks everyone but mama ji saves Chahat saying that there is a humming bird outside and takes everyone to show. Chahat sees something in newspaper which makes her tensed.

Bhupendar teases Neel saying that he is surprised that he gave phone to Chahat but Neel says that since the time Chahat has talked about the phone call he thought he should give her a phone. Bhupendar goes and asks Neel to call Chahat for the show.

He goes to room and sees Mami finding something in cupboard. He asks what she is doing and she says that she is finding clothes for pressing. He gives her clothes and finds that Chahat’s clothes are missing. He finds out that she has booked a taxi and concludes that she escaped.

Neel then feels that he is overthinking and decides to trust Chahat but with insecurity that she might break it. He then goes for doing his show and tells Bhupendar that if she doesn’t come by evening he will go to find her. He thinks about her and messes up when he gets a call from producer who asks about Chahat. Neel requests him to cancel today’s show and Bhupendar stops the live. Chahat thinks of not returning to the house. The episode ends.