Qurbaan Hua 11th July 2020 Written Update on Justshowbiz.net

eel remembers Saraswati and thinks about all the events that happened and what Kajri ji said about Dr. Baig. He gets too worked out and calls Chahat and expresses his restlessness. He says that after talking to Kajri ji he doesn’t feel that her dad is the murderer then what could have happened with his sister. She asks him to calm down first and then suggests that he should do yoga. He denies at first but she makes him do yoga with her. Neel doesn’t follow her instructions properly and when she corrects him he gets angry.

Chahat calls him pessimistic and he calls her boring in reply. She asks him to suggest a competition to decide who is what and then as Kajri ji calls them they make her the judge. Neel says that it will be a dance off and Chahat agrees. Kajri ji then asks Neel to dance first and he dances. Kajri ji doesn’t give him full points and he then says it’s Chahat’s turn. She amazes Neel with her dance and Kajri ji gives her more points. He asks her why she didn’t tell him that she dances so well. She asks him not to cry after losing but he says that final round is remaining and in it both will have to dance continuously and the one who stops loses.

Meanwhile Vyas ji is giving a pravachan on phone talking about similar story of dance off between husband wife like it is happening between Chahat and Neel. Meanwhile they both start dancing and after a while Chahat’s earing falls and she stops and Neel wins and boasts. That time someone comes to Kajri ji’s cabin and she cuts the call. Neel then teases Chahat but she says that she is not interested in his talks and wants to find her earrings. He then praises her for her dance.

Vyas ji talks about relationships when someone knocks the door so he ends his session. He opens the door and finds plate with chicken in it and gets enraged. He shouts calling everyone and Mrs. Baig hears it and realizes that her chicken was taken to Vyas ji’s room. Vyas ji confronts Kajri ji on video call but she says she doesn’t know anything about it. Family members scold her and she apologizes and cuts the call. Vyas ji says that they won’t eat food made by the cook now onwards and Chahat suggests that Neel can cook for all. He agrees with her but Mami cuts in saying that she will cook for everyone.

Chahat calls Neel and says that he can give her a party for winning dance competition and requests him to order tandoori chicken. But he scolds her and says that if her truth comes out then there will be lots of problems. Meanwhile Mrs. Baig sees khichadi that was poisoned in her room and curses Dr. Baig for all this. She calls Akram and asks her to bring Dr. Baig to the Bunglow for handing him over to Neel and keeping herself and Akram safe. Chahat finds a map similar to one that mama found. Neel wonders how did the non veg come in Vyas ji’s room when there are all vegetarian here and thinks whether Dr. Baig is in the Bunglow.

Chahat asks Kajri ji about the map and she asks her to see it in mirror. She reads what is written and realizes that Mrs. Baig is staying here. Neel gets the list of people staying there and reads a name Gayatri. Chahat fears that Neel should not come to know about this and he thinks that they might be staying here with some other name. The episode ends.