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Ghazala plans and becomes a ghost to scare Dua. She tells her that ghosts like her come on full moon night to scare those kids whose mothers don’t love them.

Dua gets scared and Faints.

Neelkanth and Chahat try to search for her in the entire house. They finally find her on the terrace.

Dua is very scared when she gains consciousness.

She hugs Neelkanth and upon asking she tells him about the ghost encounter she had. She further tells him that Dr. Chahat does not love her and hence had to face the ghost.

Neelkanth consoles her and tells her that there are no ghosts and it just might have been a dream.

The next day Neelkanth and Chahat see Dua practicing her dance steps and enjoy seeing her.

They then plan something to keep out her fear of the previous day and also to love Chahat again.

Neel registers her and Chahat in a mother-daughter dance duo competition. Dua on seeing this rejects dancing with Chahat. Chahat then tells her to participate with her father.

Neel and Chahat go downstairs to see Maami stopping Naveli from meeting Bhupinder.

Naveli is adamant about meeting him and gets Chahat’s support in it. Neelkanth tells her not to meet Bhupinder as she will not be happy with him.

In the meantime Bhupinder comes over and tells everyone that he is leaving the city. Naveli fights her mother to go and meet Bhupinder. Chahat too is adamant about it.

Aaley’s plot against Agam puts him in the hands of The police when he accepted all his wrongdoings.

Ghazala and Aaley share a wicked laugh.

Bhupinder saves Naveli from an accident.