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Chahat worries how to handle this situation as she can’t stay outside all the time. Nisha says to Vyas hi that she has a friend in Dev Prayag who studied in college with her and she met her today coincidentally.

Her father starts coughing when Vyas ji notices that Chahat didn’t bring water for guests and calls out for her while Chahat stays in a confused state. Vyas ji goes to kitchen to check and finds Chahat missing and asks Mami about it but she starts pulling Chahat down and says that she will have to stay with Naveli.

Vyas ji asks her to get Naveli ready and wonders where is Chahat, he texts her and she realizes that her phone is working. She sees Vyas ji’s message and thinks of calling Neel for seeking help but he doesn’t pick up.

Neel holds her from back and she is relieved to see him, he asks why is she not going inside so she tells that he college friend Nisha is inside with the groom’s family. Chahat asks for his help but he says that keeping her here is becoming stressful for him.

Chahat sees his helmet and gets an idea while Aalekh asks Vyas ji about Chahat but he says Chahat isn’t replying. Vyas ji feels disappointed while Neel comes with Chahat who comes in with tea covering her face with helmet and mask.

Everyone is shocked to see her, but Neel and Chahat had planned this thing and she also changed her saree so that Nisha doesn’t recognize her.

Chahat keeps the tray on table saying that she went to Bhupendar’s bakery for getting some patties. Vyas ji says that she even forgot to remove the helmet when Neel makes an excuse that the helmet got stuck in her head so she came in like this in hurry.

Chahat serves everyone tea and tries to be cautious while serving Nisha. Neel then says to her that they should go and try to get the helmet off but Nisha offers to help, to their surprise. She says that she knows the technique to take the helmet off but Neel asks her to leave it.

Vyas ji asks Neel to let her help so he has to agree. They go to kitchen to take the helmet off which scares Chahat that she will recognize her and everyone will find out about her true identity.

Neel smartly locks the helmet and then says that it might have got stuck. Neel says that they can go to garage and take help for removing the helmet but she says that she will remove it. Mami comes with Naveli and Vyas ji introduces her to everyone and Neel says to Nisha to meet her so she goes to meet her.

 Naveli sits and Mami asks her to not create any trouble publically. Mami bluffs a lot about how Naveli is good in all the house works and then asks what does the boy does. Nisha describes her brother and then Vyas ji asks Shankar ji for approval from both sides. Both parties say yes for the relationship which upsets Naveli.

Chahat says that the boy is good and not like Naveli’s boyfriend who is just using her. Vyas ji asks Shankar ji if they can do roka tomorrow itself and he agrees so everyone agrees to this. Then the groom’s family leaves and Chahat apologizes to everyone for not being there because of the helmet. Kripa starts crying but Vyas ji starts Chahat from going saying that she will get scared seeing her in helmet and starts laughing to Chahat’s surprise. He asks Neel to take care of Kripa.

 Later Neel takes care of Kripa while Chahat really struggles to take off the helmet and fears what if they really have to go to mechanic and gives all weird theories which makes Neel smile wickedly.

Chahat asks Neel to help her but he starts teasing her indirectly by calling her an alien who eats brain. Chahat gets angry and calls him shameless and he troubles her more. She then roams around in stress and then Neel takes off the helmet and Chahat gets some fresh air.

Neel adjusts her hair which makes her feel awkward. Chahat notices that Neel keeps his things very clean and organized and says he has OCD but he says that he can’t tolerate her. She thanks him for saving her phone by keeping it in rice container. The episode ends