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Ghazala congratulates Aalekh for being successful to trap Neel in this marriage plot. She says that now he can tell his people how he got Neel rid of the other religion girl and saved their religion while she will say to her people that she saved Chahat from Neel and get votes from their community. Mami asks them to not celebrate until Neel doesn’t get married for real. Chahat is kept at gun point while Neel is made to sit with Alka. Neel tries to convince them that he didn’t make any promise but the villagers threaten to kill Chahat.

Alka thinks that Chahat told her a lot about him and he doesn’t seem like a person who will make such a fake promise. She is confused about things when Aalekh comes to perform the rituals but Chahat tries to stop this marriage.

Ghazala shuts her up saying that Neel doesn’t love her anymore and she will be free from his clutches after this marriage and then she can marry some guy from her own religion. Chahat asks her to shut up but Vyas ji agrees to Ghazala. Alka sees the bracelet in Aalekh’s hand and recalls seeing it in village as well. She stops the ritual and holds Aalekh’s hand and says that he was the one who promised to marry her.

Vyas ji is shocked and so are others as Alka tells that she saw his bracelet and told her dad that he will take responsibility of her. Aalekh shouts at her and calls her bad names but Chahat shuts him and says that he has no right to say all this to her. Chahat asks for a proof that Alka is trapping him and also says that it seems that he is trying to trap Neel by taking his name in front of Alka’s dad.

Neel confronts him but Aalekh hesitates and asks everyone to calm down. The villagers say that he has to marry Alka now but Mami tries to oppose it.
Chahat tells the villagers that they should not get Alka married to a man who can harm someone so much that the person dies. But the villagers say that he will have to keep his promise but Mami insults Alka and says that she won’t let this happen.

Mama ji comes at that moment and she tells him all that is happening. He doesn’t listen to her and takes her in while the villagers force Aalekh to marry Alka. Mama ji lashes out at Mami for plotting against Neel but she says that if Neel goes away only then Aalekh can become mahant and Naveli can be his wife. He says that this is wrong and Aalekh will have to fulfil his promise.

Mama ji locks Mami inside so that she doesn’t create any trouble. Chahat is troubled thinking that she has to stop this marriage as Aalekh will never keep Alka happy. She tries to tell everyone that Aalekh is not a good man and can’t keep Alka happy. But villagers say that she is cursed and her curse will only go after marriage.

They say that the day Alka was born an bridge broke which gives Chahat a good thought. She tells everyone that according to the date Alka is underage and it is illegal to get her married before 18. Vyas ji backs her decision but still villagers are not convinced.

The police arrives that moment and says that they got information that this marriage is being done forcefully. Chahat tells them that Alka is underage so the police arrest all the villagers. They insult Alka so Chahat says that she will stay with them and have the time to decide about marriage. Vyas ji’s says that Alka will stay in their house till she turns 18. After that Chahat tells Alka to ask for help anytime she needs it.

Aalekh goes to Chahat and says that she has crossed her limits today and warns that she will witness his worst now. Alka walks around the house and is stunned by the Beauty and plays around. Mami taunts her but she starts playing with her instead. Chahat is worried about Alka and decides to check and sees Alka putting water in Diya instead of oil and tells her the right thing. She asks her to pray and decides to protect her from Mami and Aalekh. The episode ends.