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Neel gets hurt in finger due to glass and his blood falls on Chahat’s face, he thinks that Chahat wouldn’t have done it purposely and might have some reason behind what she did. He thinks that she needs him and he needs to know what forced Chahat to take this step today. He decides to go to Chahat when Meera stops him and asks where is he going.

He tells that he is going to Chahat to know the reason why she left, even she agrees that Chahat loves him and his family immensely and maybe that is the reason she sacrificed her love. Neel says that if this is the reason then he will convince Chahat that she shouldn’t he scared and is about to leave.

Meera stops Neel and tells that Ghazala must be waiting for him to come and his life can be in threat if he goes now and he has to keep himself fine to protect Chahat. Meera advices Neel to take care of himself when they hear Mami screaming.

 Vyas ji and others go and see bad things written in their wall accusing them, mama ji is enraged at this but stones are thrown at them secretly. Aalekh asks Vyas ji how he could not recognize Chahat and gave him Saraswati’s spot. He tells Vyas ji that he has received many calls since morning asking to remove Vyas ji from mahant’s position.

Mami also adds to this drama by telling Vyas ji that she used to doubt Chahat but no one listened to her, she brings Naveli in all this saying that people will punish her for Neel’s deeds. Naveli says that she doesn’t deserve to be punished for Neel’s deeds but Neel comes in and says that loving someone is not a sin. Aalekh tells that loving a girl from different religion is a sin as it makes their house impure. He confronts Neel for bringing Chahat despite knowing all this, all others mock Neel for his actions.

Neel tells them that they can punish him but his heart has Chahat’s name and it will stay forever and they all cannot easily kill their love. Vyas ji says that he has given birth to a sin in his form and giving blessings to a girl who turned out to be a snake. Vyas ji says that he has done the sin of giving birth to him and will punish himself for this. He whips himself badly but everyone stops him, Neel tries to convince Vyas ji to stop saying that he should punish him. Neel tries to kill himself but Meera stops him, Vyas ji continues to whip himself.

Aalekh opens the camera and sends recording to Ghazala. Neel asks mama ji to stop Vyas ji but he says that this is happening due to his love, Chahat even didn’t turn once towards him. Mama ji stops Vyas ji then asks Neelt to forget Chahat forever for Vyas ji. Meanwhile Dr Baig goes towards Chahat and asks her to never forget Neel as he is meant for her and he is alive because if him. Ghazala comes and shows Vyas ji’s video to her and says that both her dads will die due to her love. Mama ji tells Neel that he has to marry Meera for saving their reputation.

Ghazala tells Chahat that if she doesn’t agree for the marriage then the whole Dhyani family will die in blast. Chahat unwillingly has to agree for this marriage and requests her to spare them all. Neel says that he will marry Meera just for the sake of their reputation but puts a condition that if Chahat returns before this marriage then he will chose her.

At night Meera confronts Neel for agreeing for the marriage despite the fact that he loves Chahat. He tells her that he had to say to it stop Vyas ji from punishing himself and moreover he knows that Chahat will come here running if she hears about his marriage. Meera says that Chahat’s phone is switched off but Neel says that the nature and his heartbeat will tell Chahat if she truly loves him. Meanwhile Chahat remembers Neel and cries. The episode ends.