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The episode starts with Chahat coming back to house and Alka asking her about Neel. Alka doesn’t see Neel so she asks Chahat to get out of their house. Chahat says that if everyone feels that Neel will return if she leaves then she will immediately leave with Dua. Meanwhile Vyas ji’s brother is chased by some girl who confront him for not giving her money and having fun in Goa. He says that he is trapped in holy stuff and is not having any fun. The girl asks him to give her one lakh rupees to cover up for his lies else she will go to his family.

Aalekh comes and sees all this, he asks Vyas ji’s brother who is she, he doesn’t reply so Aalekh takes him to a corner. He tells that this girl is following him since a long time and us demanding money. Aalekh threatens the girl to go away else he will create trouble for her. The girl recognizes him and says that since he is a businessman, he has to give ten lakh rupees else she will tell everyone that he has replaced Vyas ji with his brother. He refuses to give money and wants that he is very dangerous. The girl starts shouting, Aalekh covers her mouth but Shlok hears the voice.

Shlok spots two guys dragging a women forcefully. He goes downstairs and finds Aalekh hitting the girl and shouts at them. They freak out while Shlok trips and his glasses break. Aalekh realizes that Shlok didn’t see anything without his glasses but still decides to kill him to be safe. Meanwhile Chahat asks Dua to pack her bags as they are leaving immediately. Dua requests to wait till Shlok comes back, she says that Shlok is not in his room. Everyone gets worried while Aalekh goes to kill Shlok, who is unable to see his face clearly. Shlok notices the knife and runs away in panic, Aalekh hurts his leg while chasing him.

Shlok comes running to everyone in the lawn and hugs Chahat in panic calling her mom. Alka is not happy to hear that while Shlok tells Chahat that he saw two men killing a girl and one of them tried to kill him as well. He also tells that he couldn’t see their faces as his glasses broke. He hugs Chahat but Alka doesn’t like it and pulls him away. Aalekh comes there pretending to be innocent and asks why was Shlok screaming. Mami tells that some men attacked him and accuses Chahat for this plot saying that she must have manipulated him. Dua stands up for Chahat but Alka shuts her up and says that Mami is right. She takes Shlok away but Chahat stops

them and says that they should not be so blinded by hatred that they ignore Shlok’s fear.

Chahat says that they should check out who attacked Shlok. She takes his hand and says that he will be with her as they are not able to see his tears. Shlok takes Chahat to the place of crime while others follow, Aalekh panics as Chahat and Bhopu check the area. She finds a stick and says that this is the proof that Shlok isn’t making stories. Mami says that there are many sticks here so Aalekh starts blaming Chahat for brainwashing Shlok. Shlok says that he isn’t lying and starts crying, Chahat consoles him but Alka tries to separate them.

Chahat says that she won’t leave Shlok and go until Neel comes back as they are not ready to believe him. She says that she has a connection with him and can’t see him crying. She says that she will protect Shlok till Neel comes back and nobody can stop her. Chahat takes Shlok and Dua with her to room. The episode ends.