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Chahat wonders what she should do to thank Neel for helping her and talks to Golu about it who smiles. At first she thinks of cleaning his cupboard but then drops the plan and thinks of ironing his clothes. She keeps talking to Golu about her CET exam and her worries about her preparation while ironing but doesn’t notice the ironing and that she has burnt the trousers.

 Neel calls out for Chahat and she goes out while Ghazala comes in and thinks of harming Golu and putting blame on Chahat to bring her down in everyone’s eyes. She keeps the iron in front of Golu and switches it on.

Neel asks Chahat where are the boxes of masala and she says that she cleaned and kept them nicely. She shows a box containing all and he says that all masalas should not be kept together and she apologizes as she doesn’t know anything about kitchen.

 Neel is surprised that she didn’t argue while Golu starts crying and Ghazala asks Mami why is she crying and Mami goes to check while Chahat also heads towards the room. Ghazala feels that now Chahat will be in trouble but somehow the wind blows and due to it the curtains turn the iron in other direction.

Chahat rushes to the room and finds the iron on and wonders how did it turn on but then thinks she might have been careless here. Golu stops crying while Mami sees Chahat with Golu and goes away. Chahat decides to write a thank you note for Neel, and does so.

 Ghazala wonders why is everything so quiet and sees Mami coming back and asks her about Golu. She tells that she is playing with Chahat and taunts her saying that she should focus on work rather than putting her ears here and there. Ghazala, curses Chahat when she goes to Naveli’s room and finds her crying. She says she knows that she doesn’t like the groom and says that she also loved a guy who was not liked by her family.

Ghazala says that she ran away with her love to marry him and then family members had to accept, Naveli gets manipulated easily and thinks about eloping with Aalekh today itself. She asks Ghazala what if she gets caught but she tells that true love comes just once in life and if someone comes in the path of it, one should remove that person forever and she points towards killing whoever comes in between.

Naveli says that if needed she will do that also but won’t let anyone take decisions of her life. Ghazala goes down and tell Chahat that she saw Naveli packing her bags and she might try to elope and family reputation will be spoiled if she does so.

Chahat requests her not to tell anyone about it and rushes to Naveli’s room. She opens the door slightly and hears Naveli talking to her boyfriend who is asking him to come with his bags packed at 1 am else she will bring out the Shivratri truth in front of everyone.

Chahat is shocked to hear all this and worries that Mama ji and Vyas ji will be so broken and humiliated. She checks the calendar for Shivratri date and finds out that it is the same date when Saraswati died. She recalls Naveli saying that her boyfriend was not liked by Saraswati, she feels something is bad and thinks of telling Neel but drops the thought. Meanwhile, Aalekh gets frustrated after talking to Naveli and thinks that nothing is more important to him that becoming mahant and he will kill anyone who comes in the way.

Chahat wonders how can Naveli’s boyfriend be connected to Saraswati’s murder and decides to not spare him if he is involved as because of him her dad has been accused and her house and hospital, everything was destroyed and decides to expose him in front of everyone.

Aalekh decides to kill Naveli while Chahat prays to God so that she can find out who is responsible for Saraswati’s death to prove her dad’s innocence. The episode ends.