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Chahat wonders how does Aalekh have a phone with the cover she gave to Neel. Mami snatches the phone from her and asks her not to play out with Aalekh’s phone. Chahat says that Aalekh already has a phone and suggests that this might belong to Neel. Mami says that he is a businessman and can have multiple phones but Chahat asks why will be use a cover like this. Mami tells her that this is Neel’s cover and Aalekh just have used this to make Neel angry. Chahat is not convinced as the circumstances are fishy, she hears Aalekh blowing shank.

Everyone comes out and Aalekh informs everyone that he will be becoming next mahant. Alka says that she will not let him take this position but Aalekh laughs and tells her that the higher priests want him to become next mahant. He asks her to verify form the higher priest himself as he is coming here to perform the rituals. He goes to Naveli and asks her to clean the yard so she agrees. Chahat is tensed as she cannot let Aalekh become the next mahant. She hears Shlok telling story to Dua which gives a moral that children can do anything that elders can do.

Chahat gets an idea hearing their story and suggests to Alka that Shlok should be the next mahant. Alka says that this is ridiculous but Chahat tries to convince her saying that Aalekh might mislead the villagers if he becomes mahant. Alka is reminded of Chahat by hearing the suggestion. Alka gives a thought to this and agrees with the idea. But she tells that Shlok is too scared of Aalekh and won’t dare to stand up against him. Chahat says that she will convince Shlok somehow. Shlok and Dua are playing in the garden when Chahat goes there and requests Dua to help her with a plan.

Dua agrees while Shlok hears a clap and goes towards Chahat. He is surprised to see her and asks about Dua. Chahat takes him aside and tells that Dua’s mom has come to get her and she is packing her bags inside. Shlok is worried hearing this and says that he won’t let her go. Meanwhile Aalekh tells Naveli that she should worship him from now onwards. He asks her to give pushpanjali to him and she does so in fear. Alka and Mami come out while the high priest arrives that moment. He asks her to stop and starts enacting in front of the high priest.

Aalekh welcomes the high priest and lies about Naveli being happy after knowing that he is going to be mahant. Shlok asks Chahat to suggest a way to stop Dua from going so she says that it would have been easy to stop Dua if Vyas ji would have been here. She tells him that everyone has to accept mahant’s orders so if he would have been the mahant he could have stopped Dua. Shlok catches the idea and asks why can’t he be the mahant so Chahat says that one should know the entire Gita to become mahant. Shlok says that he knows all mantras so she asks him to go out and tell that he should be the mahant.

Shlok agrees to Chahat’s idea and goes in front of high priest telling that he is a worthy candidate for being mahant. Chahat signals to Alka that she convinced Shlok to contest for being mahant. Aalekh says that he is a small kid and threatens Shlok to go inside but high priest stops him. He asks Shlok whether he knows the Gayatri manta so Shlok sings the mantra rightly. Shlok rightly sings all the mantras asked by the high priest while Chahat cheers for him happily. Chahat tells the high priest that Shlok is a very responsible kid. Aalekh gets furious and says that he is just six years old.

Chahat cuts him saying that Shlok is like Vyas ji’s shadow and deserves this position. Aalekh gets angry and is about to raise hand on her but is stopped by the high priest. He says that a person who has so much anger issues cannot be mahant. He asks Aalekh to step back while Shlok is worried whether he will be able to do all the work properly. Dua supports him while Chahat decides to protect him till the time Neel comes back. The episode ends.