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Vyas ji is shocked by reading a message from Neel while Neel tells Bhopu that he loves Chahat and will confess his love to her. Vyas ji calls Neel but he doesn’t pick up, while he runs around out of happiness. He prays to God and Saraswati to bless their love so that they can break the barrier of religion. He goes to market and plays around with a bouquet of flowers which looks weird to others out there. Mami stops Chahat and the ladies from dancing and says that she will tie a holy thread in their left hand for God to give them blessings. Chahat gets scared and tries to avoid Mami while Aalekh passes by and sees his gun on the floor. He panics seeing it and calls Mami loudly as she asks Chahat bto remove her pallu while Chahat hesitates.

Aalekh shouts again and Mami notices him, he signals towards the gun and she sees it and panics. She tells Chahat that she will tie the thread later, much to her relief. Mami takes the gun and quietly slips out, Aalekh tells Mami that this is the gun he took to the Dargah and had kept that in the lady’s bag which means that lady will be here only. Mami tells him that she was trying thread to check that only and just Chahat was left, then she says that Chahat can be the Muslim girl. Aalekh says that she is Hindu but Mami says she is clever and can’t be trusted.

Neel takes Chahat to garden and she asks why he brought her here but he puts finger on her lips. Neel is excited to express his feelings but Chahat thinks that he will ask her to forgive Baig. She says she can’t forgive him, Neel tries to tell her that it is something else but she doesn’t let him complete. She says Baig is resting peacefully after putting him in danger but Neel tells her that her dad was shot. He tells her that the bullet passed her hand and hit Baig, she gets tensed and asks how is he. Neel tells that he is fine, Chahat is greatful to him for saving her dad despite his enemity with him. Meanwhile Dr Baig feels guilty for making Chahat’s life hell and curses his fate for keeping him alive.

Neel tells Chahat that he had to save Baig’s life as he is her dad who loves her but Vyas ji never became his true dad. She tells him that Vyas ji is putting lot of efforts to know him more and even made an id with girl’s name in friends book to talk to him. He is shocked to learn this and realizes that Vyas ji had made the id by Meera’s name and he has sent his confession to Vyas ji instead of Meera. Mama ji comes and tells Neel that Vyas ji is looking for him and is angry, Chahat asks him to go. Neel goes to Vyas ji and he shows him his phone. Vyas ji scolds him for changing wifi password due to which he could not read an important message and asks him to feed the new password.

Neel puts the new password and deletes his message while Vyas ji wonders where did the message go. Baig goes to a dargah for reading namaz but some people see and recognize him and call Aalekh to inform him, Aalekh plans to prove that Baig is the terrorist. Bhopu tells Chahat that her dad is missing while Aalekh calls the cops to catch Baig. Chahat hears Mami cursing Baig and Mami tells her everything and goes to Vyas ji. Neel gets to know from the ladies that Chahat left in a hurry. Baig prays in the Dargah while Chahat goes to save him, she spots him in another Dargah and goes to him.

Chahat asks Baig to come with her but he refuses, she convinces him somehow and says she won’t let anything happen to him. They get up when the policy siren is heard, Vyas ji and others arrive with police. Aalekh says on speaker that Baig has been surrounded but Chahat tries to console him that nothing will happen. Neel reaches Bhopu’s house and finds Baig missing and gets a message from Chahat saying that everyone is considering her dad to be terrorist. Chahat opens the door and police points gun on them. Aalekh warns Chahat to get away but she doesn’t and reveals herself which shocks everyone. The episode ends.