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The episode starts with Shlok singing a song which shocks mami and Ghazala as they expected something else. All others clap after they finish the song, they both run to Neel and Chahat and hug them. Neel expresses his happiness that has come because of them. After that he tells others to learn humanity from these kids. Aalekh reaches to Chahat’s hospital and finds out that it is on Vyas ji’s name. Chahat goes to Ghazala and mami confronting them for their failed plans.

Chahat says that the kids will respect Neel and her religion equally and there will be no fight among them regarding religion. She says that she didn’t say anything today as it was Neel’s special day and then warns them against instigating her kids in the name of religion. Chahat leaves while Ghazala thinks of doing something to defeat Chahat. Aalekh goes inside the hospital as Chahat’s relative and asks for meeting the patients.

Vyas ji hears Aalekh’s voice and gets scared on seeing him, he recalls the day when Aalekh tried to kill him. Aalekh is told that only 2-3 patients are left so he asks to see them. Wardboy takes him while Vyas ji angrily goes to attack Aalekh but I stopped by a nurse who then takes him away. Vyas ji starts shouting the Aalekh is a monster but the nurse tries to remove him from the spot. She takes him out and calls Neel, she tells about Chahat’s special patient.

Neel asks her to bring the patient to his address so that he can meet Chahat. The nurse tells Vyas ji that he will be sent to Chahat and Neel’s house. Aalekh asks the wardboy about Vyas ji but finds nothing. Suddenly he steps on Vyas ji’s rudraksh mala and realizes that Vyas ji is alive. Another patient comes there and claims that it belongs to him which leaves Aalekh confused. Shlok and Dua’s principal comes there and is surprised to find out that it belongs to Neel.
Mami and Ghazala start boasting about themselves which makes Neel angry but Chahat controls him. Ghazala takes the principal separately and tries to brainwash them about Chahat and Neel. She provokes the principal against them which convinces her to give statement for giving custody to Ghazala.

Shlok overhears this conversation and breaks down thinking that Neel and Chahat don’t love each other. He tells Dua about the same, while Naveli thanks Bhopu for btinging gift on her behalf. Bhopuu tells her that he saw her with Aalekh and asks her why is she tolerating this torture but Naveli walks away. Dua sees a placard telling about signs of happily married couple, Shlok reads all the points which gives Dua an idea to test Neel and Chahat’s love.

Chahat and Neel welcome the customers when Sahil comes there, Neel asks him to leave immediately. But Sahil threatens to put an article in paper and destroy his reputation. Chahat sends Neel to attend the guests and warns Sahil against doing any drama. Sahil intends to destroy Neel’s reputation which will force him to close his resturant. Neel starts cooking but his hands get glued which makes him irritated, Chahat wonders who could have done this prank. Neel holds Chahat and their hand gets stuck together.