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The episode starts with Chahat trying to calm Shlok and make him sleep. Dua comes there and asks her whether Shlok will be fine. Chahat says that he will be fine and then tickles him to make him laugh. Alka comes and watches this and gets jealous, she asks Chahat to go as she can take care of Shlok. She hugs him and asks him to sing the Gayatri mantra to reduce his fear. He does so and Chahat starts leaving but Shlok holds her dupatta and requests Alka to let Chahat stay with him. He says that he feels safe with Chahat but Alka doesn’t approve the idea.

Chahat comforts Shlok and says that he will be safe with Alka, she goes to room along with Dua. Vyas ji’s brother Agam ties the girl that came in a place while Aalekh comes and lashes out at him for giving this girl their address. He says that they both would have been exposed because of this mistake. The girl says that she will tell this truth when she gets out of here and blackmails them to give her money if they want to keep their secret. Aalekh asks her whether she can kill Shlok for earning 10 lakh rupees so she agrees.

Aalekh says that he can get caught if he kills Shlok but if this girl kills Shlok then no one will doubt him or Agam. He says that when Neel will find out that Shlok is dead then he might kill Chahat in anger. Later, Dua reads Shlok a story in bedroom and they have a fun time. Chahat asks them to sleep as it’s late, Shlok requests Chahat to give him his special blanket as he can’t sleep without it. He tells Dua that Neel brought him home wrapped up in that blanket. He tells that he was born in Lucknow while Chahat finds the blanket. Alka takes it from her and asks her to stay away from Shlok.

Alka says that Dua can stay with them but Chahat should leave. Chahat says goodnight and goes to her room but finds Mami throwing water on her bed. Mami says that she won’t let her sleep as she has made their lives hell. She warns Chahat against brainwashing Shlok and leaves. Chahat lays her mattress on floor and lies down. She finds a letter which is a thank you letter from Shlok. She feels nice and then goes to sleep. After everyone goes to sleep, Raseeli comes to kill Shlok. Chahat wakes up after having a nightmare and feels that Shlok is in danger.

Chahat bangs on Shlok’s door which wakes him up and he sees Raseeli standing in front of him and gets scared. Raseeli runs away but Chahat spots her, Alka wakes up and opens the door. Chahat says that there was someone in the room and goes to hug Shlok. Shlok tells that a woman came to give him some injection, that moment Mami comes and Alka tells that Chahat is messing up with Shlok again. Aalekh thinks that Shlok is dead but is shocked to see him alive. Mami tries to pull Chahat away from Shlok but he says that he is not lying and someone tried to kill her. Chahat tries to convince them that she saw a girl inside.

Aalekh accuses her for making up stories while Mami gets fed up and asks Chahat to leave their house immediately. She and Alka try to throw Chahat out but Chahat gets hurt by and earring and tells them that this belongs to the girl who came here. Chahat says that they don’t believe Shlok but she does and she will not leave at any cost till he is perfectly safe. Chahat asks Alka to sleep in other room if she can’t tolerate watching her with Shlok. Mami tells that Neel will teach her a lesson and takes Alka with her. Aalekh gets pissed by Chahat and thinks of a new plan to kill Shlok. Shlok asks Chahat why was that woman giving him injection but Chahat doesn’t say anything and asks him to sleep. The episode ends.