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Chahat goes to the clinic of the south Indian lab technician to find out about her. When she reaches there the security person tells her that she has left for the day. When Chahat was about to leave she saw the technician standing with the same person with trench coat. She saw the person giving some money to the technician. When the technician was about to enter her lab, Mami entered and took away Chahat. Chahat told her that she was about to catch the technician and asked her why did she stop her from doing so.

Mami told Chahat that she is here to find about the technician as well. When she was following her she saw the person in the trench coat showing Chahat’s picture to the technician and if Chahat would have gone to catch hold of the technician then she wouldn’t have gained anything from it as she would have recognized Chahat. Chahat was amazed to see Mami helping her. She got emotional seeing her.
Mami then apologized to her for her behaviour and said that she used to hate her just because she was from a different religion. But after seeing her determination to fight for her loved ones, her family, her husband she has realised that she was wrong all along and Chahat was right. She even said that it is only because of her that Naveli got rid of Aalek and is now living a happy life with Bhupinder. She got her smile back with him. Mami further said that she has never given any amount of love or respect to Chahat but she in return has always loved and respected her and did a lot for her family as well.

Mami said that from now on she will always be with her and help her in every manner possible. She will treat Chahat as her daughter from now on. Chahat hugged Mami and shared some happy tears with her. Chahat then said that if the technician knows about her then how will she catch her now. Mami said that she has a plan for that as well.

Chahat disguised herself as a south Indian woman and entered the lab. She met the technician and told her that she has started a tiffin service in the area and has shifted recently with her husband. She offered her Idli sambar to eat. Chahat purposely spilled some sambar on her saree. She went to the bathroom to clean it and in the meantime Chahat took her phone and searched for Akhilesh. She then dialled the person who gave her the money. She said that all the notes she gave were fake and must return with more money to give her otherwise she would reveal everything to the police. Chahat then told the woman to call her for the eating services.

Chahat was waiting for the person at the told place. She called Bhupinder and asked about Aalek. Bhupinder told Chahat that Aalek left for the temple. Chahat told him that means Aalek is not the person behind this crime and it is someone else. Chahat finally met the person and asked for her money. When the person was about to give her the money. Chahat attacked the person and revealed her identity as Neel’s wife. She tried to take off the face cover of the person and realised that the attacker is a woman. This shocked Chahat. She left for the house and had even called Aalek there.

There she and Bhupinder revealed to everyone that the attacker is a woman and not Aalek. Aalek then confronted her but was stopped by Mami. She told him that the entire family is standing with Chahat in her tough time and her specially as her mother now.