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Pramukh ji plays with baby and Mami wonders why is he being so happy with the baby. Neel and Chahat come downstairs, he brings warm clothes for baby. Pramukh hands over the baby to Vyas ji and goes to get kumkum. Naveli tells him that she won’t raise the child. He asks her to not interfere in his plan. He asks Vyas ji to put the tilak but he says that Saraswati loved Neel the most hence he should put tilak. Neel gets emotional and denies because of its guilt and says that he and Saraswati had seen so many dreams with the kid. He says that he will not see the child till he doesn’t avenge Saraswati’s death.

Neel apologizes to the baby for not being able to take her in his arms as he feels he does not deserve to do so. Mama says to him that they all trust on him that he will find Dr. Baig and punish him. Chahat feels that Neel shouldn’t take out his anger on her dad without proof. At night, Chahat thinks about Neel degrading her dad. She vows to  prove him innocent and recalls what Saraswati said on her death bed. Naveli brings some clothes for her.

Chahat asks Naveli about the night when she and Pramukh brought Saraswati to hospital. She says that she was in terrible pain and asks whether she had got any injury. Naveli slutters a bit and says she doesn’t know anything about the incident and leaves in a hurry. Chahat notices a mark on her neck and asks her whether she has a boyfriend. She asks her to be quiet, Chahat asks whether there is cast problem or anything else. Naveli gets hyper and asks her to keep her mouth shut regarding this.

Next morning Neel comes to wake Chahat up and sees hair coming on her mouth and adjusts it, he keeps staring her. After a moment he realizes what he is doing and shouts to wake her up. He notices water leakage happening and pushes her bed below it so that she wakes up. Chahat still doesn’t wake up so Neel gets a glass of water and throws on her face and she wakes up with a thud. She says that it is very rude of him to do this. Mami calls Chahat for making her do work.

Mami takes her to kitchen and assigns her task of making food. Chahat is terrified at seeing the fire in Chula as it reminds her of Dr. Baig’s burning hospital. She is about to try to cook when Neel stops her and says that she won’t cook for the family and asks her to get out. She says Mami asked her to cook but he doesn’t listen. Chahat hears Mami’s voice and asks Neel what she will do but he says that she should just listen to her taunts and that will be giving him utmost sadistic pleasure.

Chahat then sees only one option left and deliberately cuts her hand, Mami comes and taunts her but then notices the cut. Chahat says it was an accident but Mami says that she won’t fall for such tricks. Neel asks Mami to rest saying that he will cook the food. Mami asks Neel to get Chahat into control or she will deal her in her own way. Neel then takes Chahat’s hand and takes a bowl with haldi but wastes all of it and hurts her in hand, she goes away.

Chahat goes out and sees Vyas ji and mama ji. She hears Vyas ji saying that they should make a shelter for Corona patients on the land behind the temple. She feels good and that Vyas ji is so polite. Meanwhile at home brahmans eat the bhog and Mami ji asks Chahat to help her serve food. Chahat gives rice while s man comes and calls Pramukh saying that there is a good news. Neel and all go out and see Dr. Baig’s car. Police says that they found this down a hill and there is less chance of anyone surviving. Hearing this Mami rushes inside to crack the news and Chahat hears it all and gets shocked. The episode ends.