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The episode starts with Bhopu spotting Chahat with Vyas jj, she tells him that she has a feeling that this is the real Vyas ji. Bhopu gets shocked and tries to make Vyas ji remember him while Mami suggests that they should go out and check who was saying the mantras. Chahat says that her doubt was right and asks Bhopu to stop the family members from coming out as she cannot let them see Vyas ji before she has proof that he is the real one. Everyone comes out so Bhopu tries to engage then in talk so that Chahat can take Vyas ji away.

Chahat covers Vyas ji with a shawl and slowly walks with him but Neel spots her with a man. She quickly makes an excuse that this man has lost his way and says that she will drop him to the right address and return. Neel says that the voice seemed just like Vyas ji, Bhopu tells him that he was playing his mantra in his mobile. He asks them to go in for finishing the ceremony while Agam tells Aalekh to relax. Meanwhile Chahat checks Vyas ji and scolds the nurse for bringing him here without her permission. The nurse tells that she did this on being told by Neel. That moment she gets a call from Neel who asks her about the patient, Chahat makes her say that the patient has fallen sick.

Chahat asks the nurse whether Neel saw him but she says he didn’t. Bhopu comes there and asks Chahat how did this happen, she tells that Neel has brought Vyas ji here and the person staying at home is an imposter. She says that they will take Vyas ji home when he gets better and they have proof. Next day, Bhopu updates Chahat about Vays ji’s health, after that she starts writing something on Neel’s cook book. He notices and takes it away, he asks her to stay away from his cooking stuff. She apologizes and takes another book to write.

Neel finds Chahat’s behavior weird so he asks whether she is fine, she doesn’t pay attention. Neel notices that she is stressed and asks her whether she is worried about her special patient. She says that the patient is very sick and even medicines are not working, she tells him that the patient got separated from his family and gone through trauma. Neel suggests that she should make him meet his family, then he might be able to recover. She gets a nice idea hearing this and then asks the kids to come with her to clinic to meet a special person.

Chahat takes Vyas ji to the restaurant and tells him that he will see his grandchildren today. She calls Shlok and Dua, they ask about the man so she tells them about him and requests them to behave like his grandchildren. They both try to cheer him up while Chahat asks them to bring him inside the clinic. They struggle to push him so Neel comes to help. Chahat observes that Neel’s closeness is making Vyas hi react so she requests Neel to act as his son to help him get well soon. Neel agrees and tries to make Vyas ji feel comfortable. He asks the kids to take blessings from him, they do so and Vyas ji blesses them.

Neel goes to resume his work while Chahat sends the kids home. Chahat tells Vyas ji that he will get well like this and then she will get justice for him. Ghazala hears Dua crying in the park and asks what happened, she tells that she found her doll broken when she came home. Ghazala says that Shlok must have done it but she tells that he was with her. Ghazala thinks that Mami must be behind this, meanwhile Chahat congratulates Neel for the success of his restaurant. He teases her saying that her clinic should also get started soon. She gets upset while he regrets saying that and by mistake hurts his hand. She makes him sit and tends to his wound, he tries to go but she kisses him to make him stop. He gives her money as fees but she says that she considers him her husband and can’t take fees from him. The episode ends.