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Vyas ji says to Chahat that he wouldn’t have forbidden her from serving the covid patients and praised her for that but her lie has taken that right away from her. He punishes her that she won’t be attending the naming ceremony which upsets Chahat.

Neel asks her not to be upset and watch the ceremony through the window. But she denies and says she doesn’t deserve this after breaking Vyas ji’s trust. Mami ji takes Bhupendar inside and says he should be punished too but Neel defends him and says that he has lied so he should be punished.

Vyas ji says to Neel that he will be punished but after the naming ceremony takes place. He asks everyone to write a name on the chits and goes for making some arrangements. Aalekh asks Bhupendar to change clothes.

 Chahat sits in car and worries about Vyas ji’s health and prays to God for keeping him healthy. She sees Vyas ji making a kalash while Mama ji comes to tell him that a worker in their factory who stole money did it because of his urgent needs and is sorry for that. But Vyas ji says nothing can justify betrayal and says in today’s world everyone lies to do something.

Chahat hears them talk when Vyas ji says that he can break relations if betrayed. He goes and Chahat feels bad for betraying him. Inside everyone is at the naming ceremony except Chahat. Vyas ji writes the name while Neel tells Bhupendar of the names he thought.

Bhupendar, after hearing his suggestions, says that he will insult Vyas ji’s reputation and suggests him to ask Chahat. Neel calls Chahat and asks her to suggest a name for Golu.

Naveli reads the names and when she reads Aalekh’s names, Neel tells him that children will make fun of those names so it should be something good. Mama ji then reads Neel’s chit which suggests the name ‘Kripa’ which coincidentally matches with Vyas ji’s name.

 Vyas ji agrees to keep this name so Neel dances out of joy and breaks a vase. Vyas ji then tells him his punishment and asks him to clean the cow shed at night and goes away. Aalekh, Mami and Naveli celebrate that Neel and Chahat have gone down in Vyas ji’s eyes.

At night Neel takes all the cow dung and then tells Chahat that this is the result of helping her. He notices her sad face and she says that she has gone down in Vyas ji’s eyes and upset him a lot. She says that he will be devastated when he finds out about her religion but Neel asks her to not take his talks so seriously.

 He gives her sandals and asks her to wear it but she says that she is feeling bad for him getting punished. But Neel thanks her for keeping such a good name for Golu. They hear Golu cry and Neel teases her that she might not have liked the name.

Chahat asks Neel to check Golu but he denies saying he won’t see her face. But Chahat requests him so he goes. He tries to wake up Aalekh and calls Mami but no one responds. He then takes Golu in his hands without seeing her face and takes to his room.

 Neel video calls Chahat to ask how to make Golu quiet. She starts explaining him different types of cries to make him understand and hears the cry and says that Golu wants someone to lover her. Neel gets in a delima about his promise while Chahat wants him to remove the hatred and feel the love once. The episode ends.