Chahat says to Mami that she just wants the box and she asks why she wants the box. Chahat by mistake speaks about her dad and covers up saying that she wants to send gift to her dad in that box but Mami doesn’t give her. In the room Chahat creates a mess with things shattered and Neel sees it. He asks what she has done to his room in which she says that she did it to make the room look lively. He shouts that for keeping her some stuff she has messed out his cupboard. She then shows him a bag full of snacks.

Neel asks her what is this and she says that she has habbit of eating something at night so she brought all this. He warns her to keep his clothes and things back else it  won’t be good. Chahat also challenges him that she can defend herself very well. He chases her and then holds her. Then he starts singing to irritate her and she gets mad hearing him and he signals her to clean the room. She quickly cleans the room to get rid of his song. She asks him to get aside so that she can sleep but he asks her to sleep on floor. He troubles her and and she gets irritated then she hears the Chandlers.

Neel asks Chahat to close the window but she refuses. He then gets up to close it himself but she stops him so he tries to remove the chandlers. Chahat tries to stop him but he removes it and she sees that one piece broke off. She says that it was her mom’s last sign which surprises him. He asks isn’t her mom alive but she tells him that Ghazala is Dr Baig’s second wife. Neel apologizes to her but she cries that she wants her mom’s jhumka.

Chahat asks Neel to find it and he puts the chandlers back and searches for jhumka. She then looks towards the chandlers holding the list jhumka and gives a cheeky smile. Neel feels sorry for losing her mom’s jhumka but then sees the jhumka in Chahat’s hand. He realizes she was trying to make him do hard work and decides to teach her lesson next day. Next day Vyas ji gets a call from the mystery man and asks him to not call him again and again.

In room Chahat hears the sound of alarm and wakes up startled thinking she is late for her exam. She then realizes it was a dream but wonders who put so many alarms. She closes all the clocks and Neel comes it. He tells her that he found the jhumka in her hand and she says that he was the one who started. Mami calls her for ritual named ‘pehli rasoi’. She asks Neel what does it mean and he tells that it means she has to cook for whole family but she doesn’t know how to cook.

Chahat apologizes to Neel and requests him to help her by saying that if she will cook then his family will reach the hospital and he doesn’t want that. He says the ritual starts with that she has to give respect to Mami and impress her and if she is impressed that she can asks for anything. Chahat thinks that it is good chance to ask for the box. She goes down and sees Mami and starts the ritual as told by Neel and starts dancing which shocks Mami.

After doing dance she takes the thali and puts tika on Mami and then outs color on her cheeks which makes Mami cry for help. Then she feeds Mami with uncooked rice and brings a stick and Mami shouts for help. Mama ji and Vyas hi come down and see Mami. Neel comes and tries to control his laugh seeing this. Mami says that Chahat is trying to hit her but Chahat says that she was doing the ritual but Vyas ji asks what kind of ritual is this. Chahat tells him that Neel told her about this.

Vyas ji says that they should not make fun of rituals and says that she just has to cook in this ritual. Mami ji walks towards washroom when Vyas ji stops her and asks her to give the bunch of keys. He says that now Chahat will handle all responsibilities. Chahat gets happy that she can get the wooden box but Neel says that he should give her the keys after she cooks for family and makes good food. Vyas ji agrees and leaves while Neel teases her and she gets stressed that she doesn’t know anything about cooking. The episode ends.