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Neel asks Chahat how can he love the baby without seeing her face. Chahat helps him and guides him how to hold Golu and love her to stop her crying. But Golu doesn’t stop crying but Neel denies watching Golu’s face so Chahat says that Golu won’t stop crying then.

Neel continues his try when wind blows and Golu’s face uncovers and Neel sees her. He gets emotional watching her face which delights Chahat as well. Neel remembers Saraswati and makes Golu quiet by talking to her. Neel tells Chahat that Golu stopped crying.

Chahat says that Golu got the love she was craving for after a long time so she got quiet. Neel sees himself and Golu in the mirror and regrets staying away from her for so long. Chahat cuts the call and remembers her dad. Meanwhile, Ghazala tells Dr. Baig that she will hire a goon for killing Vyas ji because he is responsible for their condition.

 Dr Baig stops her but she says that Akram left her because of their poverty. But Dr Baig gives her his cabin keys and tells her that there is a safe in his cabin with money which delights Ghazala. But he says that his fingerprints are needed for opening the safe.

Chahat misses her dad and prays to God for meeting her dad. Ghazala decides to come to Dev Prayag to take the money. Next morning, Chahat wonders where is Vyas ji and that moment she sees him going to the garden and thinks of apologizing.

He is feeding the birds when Chahat also feeds the birds. Vyas ji looks at her and she says that her covid test is negative and tells him that patients are benefitting from his yoga teaching. Chahat apologizes for her lie and says that he can give her any punishment but break his silence with her.

Vyas ji takes a stick and breaks it and asks Chahat to join it the exact way it was. She says it’s not possible so he says that same goes with trust, once broken it can’t be repaired. He says that by lying she has broken his trust and heart that’s why he can’t forgive her.

 But Chahat says that she can still fix the two pieces somehow but if a flower is plucked out of a tree, it dies, similarly he is the tree and she is the flower who will die if he doesn’t bless her. Vyas ji goes without saying anything which makes Chahat feel very upset and thinks about dad and tries to find his coat.

Neel comes and tells Chahat that he removed the coat and says that that coat reminds him of her dad and angers him. Ghazala goes to hospital with Dr Baig. Chahat says to Neel that it’s not funny but Neel makes fun of her by offering her a vegetable instead. She says that she will apologize at any cost but Neel says that Vyas ji is too stubborn but she says she will try as she doesn’t like it when Vyas ji doesn’t talk to her.

 Neel hits her hand with a stick and taunts her when Mama ji comes and thinks that Neel is giving rose to Chahat. But he says that he can’t give her the rose as they are maintaining distancing. Neel then breaks the petals and showers them on Chahat.

 Mama ji is impressed by this thing but then goes. Neel tells Chahat that he showered the petals on her because she gave a good name to Golu. He then asks her to go to hospital while Ghazala is in the same place. The episode ends.