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Neel apologizes on radio to Chahat and plays a song for her, Chahat recalls their good moments spent together but then even the thing he said last night which makes her upset again. She goes for a round when various people meet her and ask her to forgive Neel which irritates her. She goes to other place where she finds people and children with placards to forgive Neel but goes away.

A nurse informs Neel that she is still angry. Dadi ammi wonders why she married Neel as she is angry on him anyways, she feels embarrassed that everyone might be making fun of her. She decides to make Chahat realize that her family is always concerned about her and more than Neel.

Dadi ammi asks her driver to send kheer to Chahat’s house to remind her of her own family. Vyas ji requests other pandit to not exclude him from his duties as mahant and apologizes to him. The pandit says that they accept his plea as he has been a faithful person since so long.

Dadi ammi’s driver goes there and finds Chahat’s home locked so he keeps it outside. Alka is tensed that she has to make something sweet so she goes to Chahat’i house to ask her. She finds the kheer and thinks Chahat left this so she takes it. Meanwhile Aalekh panics thinking that Vyas ji will again become mahant but Naveli comes and makes them hear the radio.

Alka takes the kheer for the pandits and serves them, the pandits eat it and praise it’s taste and ask whether she made it. She tells that she brought this from Chahat’s house which makes Vyas ji angry. The pandit gets angry on Vyas ji so he apologizes.

Neel reaches the hospital with flowers to apologise but she ignores him. He stops her and says that he didn’t mean what he said last night and respects her religious practices. He says that he has written some lines for him in Urdu and everyone in hospital comes around them supporting him. Neel starts speaking his lines while it is also played on radio in front of all the pandits.

Everyone in hospital praises him and Chahat finally smiles getting impressed by him. He gives her flowers and they hug while the pandits yell at Vyas ji for Neel’s actions and says that he can’t allow him to perform the Maha puja this time. Vyas ji begs for a chance but the pandit doesn’t listen to him despite all his attempts.

The pandits leave and that moment Neel and Chahat come home which makes Vyas ji angry. He burns the flowers with acid and yells at Neel for letting him down today. Aalekh goes to the pandits and says that the temple needs a new mahant so the pandit tells that till the time Neel doesn’t make blood relation with Chahat they can’t force Vyas ji to leave the position.

Mama ji is tensed thinking that things are becoming worse in this house. He hears Mami shouting and finds her throwing things and toys here and there. She tells Aalekh that Kashmira sent all this for Neel and Chahat with a letter saying that they should have a baby soon and this will even cool down Vyas ji.

Mama ji gets an idea hearing all this and goes to talk to Neel. Mami and Aalekh enjoy that mama ji will help their plan succeed. Chahat offers tea to mama ji so he tells her that she and Neel should think about expanding their family. She says that they are still not settled with their career but he says that if they have a baby then Vays ji will definitely accept them.

Chahat asks him what if Vyas ji and Dadi ammi don’t accept their kid just like them. Mama ji says that it won’t happen and only good will happen.

At night Neel comes back home and finds a lot of decorations done, Chahat comes out well dressed and says that she did this for him. She seduces him in a good way while Neel gets nervous. Chahat close the door and hints that they should do something that every married couple does. She says that they should have a child which makes Neel excited and he starts blushing . The episode ends.