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Chahat is shattered thinking about Neel’s pain and prays to God for helping her to prove Neel’s innocence. She thinks that she saw a gun in his hand but she knows he can’t kill her dad. She prays to be shown some way of proving Neel’s innocence and breaks down. She smashes some boxes in frustration and remembers her dad seeing them. She promises to keep his belongings very carefully all life. She tries to close a shelf when Dadi ammi and Ghazala come to take her with them to a place. They take her to Dhyani house so she resists going in. Dadi ammi takes her in and Ghazala asks her men to bring someone’s arthi which confuses Chahat

Her men burst some crackers there which brings Vyas ji and others outside. Vyas ji asks who brought this here so Dadi ammi tells him that they have brought this as a gift for them. Ghazala tells them that the court has given death sentence to Neel for killing Baig. Vyas ji is shocked as Ghazala tells him that police will be arriving with court orders soon. He is broken at hearing this while Mama ji consoles him saying that nothing will happen to Neel. Chahat is broken from inside while Ghazala burns more crackers to give them pain. She gives one to Chahat and she has to take it unwillingly and burns Neel’s virtual arthi by mistake.

Dadi ammi confronts Chahat but she makes an excuse while Alka tells them that this is God’s sign and Neel will not die so soon. Chahat thinks that she will protect Neel at any cost. Later, Chahat debates with herself about what to do to save Neel. The man in hoodie makes some noise in house which Chahat hears and goes to Dr Baig’s room to check. She sees the man and confronts him about his presence here. He jumps out of the balcony before Chahat can catch him. She then goes to check the room and finds all the boxes made by Dr Baig open and on checking it she finds a gun wrapped in handkerchief. She is shocked and also finds the bullets which make her realize that the gun is fake and recalls Neel telling her about the fake gun.

Chahat sees the shadow of a man in Ghazala’s room and thinks that her life maybe at risk. She sees inside through curtains and finds Ghazala hugging the guy. She sees that the guy is Akram, her brother and Ghazala crying happily on his return. He tells her that he was not able to tolerate poverty so he left but now he will never leave her. He tells that he tried to kill Neel that day but he shot Dr Baig by mistake and then he even shot Neel. Chahat is heartbroken to hear this  as he tells that he replaced his fake gun with the real one to make it look like Neel killed Baig.

Ghazala says that she only regrets Neel being alive but Chahat hates him now and even got him arrested. She says that once Neel gets hanged then they will be flooded with votes and money. Chahat is furious to know that Akram killed Dr Baig and decides to punish them by acting unknown in front of them. Chahat decides to keep the gun to prove Neel’s innocence. Next day Dhyani family waits at the police station in anxiety while Ghazala says that Neel will be hanged in a few minutes. Meanwhile Neel is taken to be hanged while Chahat gets worried.

Vyas ji pleads to the jailor to spare Neel and says that he is innocent. Ghazala says that this won’t stop and he has to watch his son die today. The jailor tells Neel that a pandit from his religion has been called as per his wish. Aalekh comes there and is delighted to see Neel standing with a rope around his neck. Vyas ji shouts for Neel while he is about to be hanged, that moment Aalekh shows his video to everyone outside which breaks their hearts. Chahat wonders why the person she is waiting for not coming as he should be here. The episode ends.