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Shlok touches Chahat’s feet to take blessings, Chahat asks him why he did this. He says that on Holi the first color is applied on god and since she saved him and his dad last night she is God for him. Chahat is overwhelmed by his pureness and feels connected to him. Dua is excited to play Holi while Neel is requested by the organizers to become judge of the competition. The man tries to apply colors but he angrily denies him and warns not to apply colors to him. Dua comes running and clashes with Neel due to which color falls on him.

Neel gets angry and shouts on Dua for spoiling his kurta. She casually spoils it even more saying that today is Holi and he should not mind. Neel says that he doesn’t like Holi which makes her question him. She says that if he didn’t like Holi he should have stayed inside. He gets angry and asks did her mom not teach her manners. Dua says that he mom has taught her manners and also to teach others a lesson if they are wrong. She gets on his nerves by speaking a lot and irritates him. They both go away from each other and apply ice on their head to calm themselves down. Neel feels that Dua is copying him and goes to her angrily.

Neel says that he will complain to her mom about her, but Dua throws color on his face and runs away. Neel chases her around the place. Meanwhile at home Aalekh shouts asking Alka to bring water but Mami taunts him that he should not call Alka while his wife is at home. He calls Naveli to bring water for him and she comes shaking by fear. He slaps her for not coming quickly, he notices her forehead and asks why did she not put sindoor. She says that she forgot so he misbehaves with her saying that she should not come in front of him without sindoor again. He pushes her out of way which leaves her crying. Mami comes and criticizes her for ruining her life and blames her for Mama ji leaving this house.

Mami criticizes her saying that Aalekh married her as she had no one else to marry and now she will be tortured by him always. Chahat misses Vyas ji and recalls memories holding his picture. She thinks about Shlok and that he is just like Vyas ji. She thinks of applying color to his photo but when she goes to get color the photo falls in fire and gets burnt. She gets petrified seeing that and thinks that Vyas ji might be in some danger. Meanwhile in a hospital an old man creates havoc by trying to hurt himself and some ward boys stop him, the man is Vyas ji.

Sahil comes to Chahat and she expresses her fear for Vyas ji. He says that she should not worry about him after all the insult he has done to her. She says that she has love and respect for Vyas ji that will never change. Sahil says that she should not think about going back and checking on Vyas ji. She thinks that she can’t call Neel but she needs to find out about Vyas ji. Meanwhile Neel catches Dua and she tries to manipulate him by saying that her mom is more dangerous than her. Naveli feels guilty about Saraswati’s death and also wishes that if Chahat would be here she would have taken care of Aalekh.

Shlok goes running to Chahat asking her to help him as the kids are trying to put color on him. She says that he should teach them lesson while Neel takes Dua to her room to find her mom. Chahat puts a bucket of water over the door to throw it on Shlok’s friends but instead it falls in Neel as he opens the door. He is shocked and angry while Shlok and Chahat laugh though they can’t see him. Dua bursts out laughing and says that today her mom did bigger magic. Chahat realises that she did a mistake and even finds Shlok gone. Neel shouts at Dua and says that her mom who doesn’t even know manners can’t teach her either. Chahat feels that it’s Neel’s voice and goes to check but he is gone by that time. She asks Dua who the man was but she just says that he was very short tempered. The episode ends.