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Mami admits that she has done wrong by selling Saraswati’s bangles but she didn’t have any choice. Chahat consoles her and says she could have talked about it and they would have found a solution. Neel and Bhopu go in a bike and Bhopu asks why are they going to Rishikesh so Neel shows him a location tracker and says that he had put it in Chahat’s phone as he knows that she is engaged in some kind of trouble and then asks him to hold the mobile as he rides bike.

 Chahat tells Mami that she could have told mama ji about it but she says that he is heart patient and she doesn’t want to stress him. She tells Chahat that the blackmailer has again asked for money so she had to come to sell the other bangle. Neel comes there and asks her to do as he says while Chahat is shocked to see him.

Mami apologizes to Neel for selling the bangles but says that she wasn’t involved in the factory incident, he says he trusts her. Neel asks her to call the blackmailer in the factory and leave the rest to him. Neel asks Chahat to come with him, in park he makes her do sit-ups as punishment for going to find out the man behind the incident.

She says that he also did the stupidity of bringing chits to exam halls and brings him with Bhopu’s help and makes him do sit-ups too. They start fighting about both of their stupidities and at last ask Bhopu who is more stupid. Bhopu says that he won’t get involved in this and says they both are equally stupid. Mami comes there and says that the blackmailer has asked to come to factory in half an hour, Neel asks Bhopu to inform the cops.

Vyas ji discusses with Aalekh and mama ji about buying a part of the iron factory for Neel’s cookery show and asks him to come along to talk to the owner. Aalekh feels threatened by Neel and Vyas ji’s growing bond and thinks about creating rift between them. Neel, Chahat and Mami reach the factory and he asks them to wait outside but Chahat stops him from going alone and says she will come with him. They both go inside but finds no one so she suggests that they split up to find the man.

They look for the man who comes there with shawl. Chahat falls and sees the mans shadow with a gun and fears he will shoot her if she screams. She gets up while a watch gets stuck on her saree and Neel pulls her before the man sees her. Neel scolds her for going out alone while the man searches for them so Neel tries to manipulate him by making sound of a dog.

The man goes, so Neel asks her to stay here as he follows but she worries for him. He goes behind the man but hits some boxes which alerts him and he points gun on Neel but Neel quickly kicks the gun off his hand. He beats him badly as due to him Mami was selling Saraswati’s bangles. Neel takes the phone from him when Vyas ji comes there with others and asks Neel what is happening.

 Mami tells him everything and says that maybe he threw the hot iron on Neel but he says didn’t and just wanted money but Chahat always creates trouble. Vyas ji is shocked as he knows Chahat and asks how does he know her. He tells that Chahat is a Muslim, this shocks everyone and he is about to tell that she is Dr Baig’s daughter. But Mami slaps him and confronts him for making false claims after being caught.

Vyas ji says that he is trying to divert topic and insulting Chahat but he will be punished for that. Bhopu arrives with the police and catch him. The cops catch him while Neel remembers the jagrata and says that he had come that day and poisoned them.

 Vyas ji gets enraged and asks him who ordered him to destroy his family and confronts him and says he came to kill during the jagrata but doesn’t know about the molten iron. He says that Baig sent him to hill them all and also that Chahat is Muslim which makes her scared. The episode ends.