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Aalekh goes to a forest with Kripa and she starts crying. He thinks of keeping her here so that she distracts Neel and Chahat. He reads a danger sign board about tiger in the forest and then goes to wipe out all the evidences against him. Everyone in the house looks for Kripa but cannot find her and Neel says that she is not even in the storeroom. Aalekh comes from his room that moment and does drama of worrying for Kripa. Vyas ji is scared thinking that Kripa has been kidnapped but Aalekh says that he won’t let anything happen to her.

Everyone goes to market area looking for Kripa while Neel and Chahat look separately. Bhopu reaches them and tells that he heard people saying that they heard a baby crying in the forest. He also tells them about the tiger so they immediately leave for forest and ask him to inform the family. They reach the forest and look for Kripa, Chahat starts singing to make Kripa respond but Neel sees the danger sign and makes her quiet.

They silently look for Kripa and after a while hear her crying. They try to make her quiet but hear the sound of tiger. They see a tiger approaching and Neel asks Chahat to go wih Kripa but she refuses. He distraacts the tiger by fire while Chahat runs back, he falls down and his leg gets stuck. Chahat brings the tiger’s attention to herself. She asks Neel to go with Kripa while he struggles to free his leg.

Chahat trips and the tiger is about to attack her when Bhopu, Naveli and Alka arive by drumming loudly. Vyas ji and mama ji also come with fire, they all make the tiger go away somehow. Chahat faints but Neel and Alka make her stand, mama ji praises them but mami points finger on Chahat. Mami says that she must have kidnapped Kripa herself but Neel shuts her up. Chahat asks him to relax and takes Kripa to Vyas ji.

Vyas ji hugs Kripa and then everyone goes, Chahat thinks that Aalekh had brought Kripa here but she decided to find proof before telling Neel. Neel lashes out at her for stopping him in front of mami. She says that right now it is important to prove that Aalekh killed Saraswati and she requests him to help her for her sake as due to all this her dad has suffered a lot. He agrees to go to find the doll and they both leave, Naveli informs Aalekh about the same.

Chahat and Neel go are taken by a man there to a godown where things are kept but a blast happens as they open the door. All the things get burnt but Chahat is desparate to get the doll. Neel somehow extinguishes the fire but cannot find the doll. He says that her alligations are baseless and takes her back. Aalekh gets a call that the go down has been burnt so he tells Naveli the same. Neel asks Chahat to come home but she recalls about the red cupboard the old man was talking. She asks him to go home while she looks fo rthe doll.