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Neel gets close to Chahat under the influence of the drug. Both of them fall onto each other. Neel expresses his love for her. Chahat too did not oppose him, instead kept on listening to what he had to say. Chahat questioned herself why isn’t she able to resist Neel and his movements even though she doesn’t like him. Why does she always get attracted to him. While Neel was expressing his love, a drop of tear fell from Chahat’s eyes.

Here Zain is getting all tensed. He went to room number nine and found Inaya being there all alone. He asked her about Neel and Chahat and she said that she has been waiting for a long time for both of them. Zain goes outside to think about their whereabouts. He overheard a Waiter repairing the number of room number six which falls and becomes nine. Zain thinks that Neel and Chahat must’ve used this room thinking of it as room number nine.

He went in and saw Chahat and Neel together there. He got furious with what he saw. He then started beating up Neel. Chahat did not want him to get hurt but even she got scared with Zain’s behaviour. Zain called the Cops and handed over Neel to them. He asked them to put him behind bars and punish him as badly as possible for the wrong behaviour that he was showing with a woman. Police caught hold of Neel and took him away.

Chahat tried to explain Zain that Neel hasn’t done anything but Zain was in no mood to listen. He said that don’t take side of a person who has destroyed her family, her father and his hospital. It is because of him that her father is living a life of hell. Zain said that she is doing a good deed by getting him arrested.

Neel came back to Chahat with the cops to explain himself but Zain interfered and did not let him explain. Neel kept on explaining and the cops took him away anyhow. Zain promised Chahat that he will not let Neel get away easily. Chahat returned home being very sad. Bhupinder was informed over call about Neel’s arrest. He told it to Naveli and Vyasji. Both of them got shocked to hear this. They saw Chahat coming. Vyasji requested her to take back her case. Naveli and Bhupinder too explained it to her about who Neel is and what is his importance in the family. They call him the backbone of the house. Ghazala comes there and asked Chahat to not believe them as they are all liars and they’ve only done bad to Chahat’s family. Chahat goes back to her room and started pondering over what had happened. She did not want to forgive him for what he did to her family but also did not want to get him punished for the crime he did not commit.

Zain does a video call to Chahat from Jail showing her how Neel is getting beaten up. Neel smiled and said that the lead lady is not happy seeing this means it is going to be over soon for the side lead. Vyasji and Bhupinder reach the police station and request the police officers to not beat Neel. Vyasji tried to explain the cops about Neel and Chahat’s relation but Neel stopped him. Chahat then decides to go to the station herself but gets stopped by Ghazala. Chahat says that she has made her decision and nobody can stop her from going now. Ghazala locked her in the room so that she could not leave.