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Vyas ji asks Chahat who is this lady, the lady is about to speak when Chahat takes her outside making an excuse and throws her out. The lady gets angry and tries to snatch the necklace from her when Chahat pushes her and her leg breaks. She apologizes for it but Sweetie, who is the lady, blames her for ruining her business and threatens to tell Vyas ji that she is a Muslim.

Her men kidnap Chahat when she shouts and Neel hears her voice. He sees a car and is about to go but Meera stops him and distracts him but he goes somehow. He chases the car to save Chahat but falls down and fails to save her.

Vyas ji asks mama ji where is Chahat and says that she had gone to guide the lady but is still not back. Mami starts dissing about Chahat saying that she is not aware of these rituals and Vyas ji asks her to wait for Chahat and goes. Meera wonders why did Sweetie not come inside till now to tell Chahat’s truth. Meanwhile Neel takes someone’s bike and follows the car and tries to hold Chahat’s hand but he falls down. Chahat tries to resist the man from holding her but he makes her unconscious while Sweetie plans something bad for Chahat.

Meera goes to Neel’s room to find him and sees a photo album having Neel and Chahat’s wedding photos. She adores Neel’s photo and says he is only hers but for getting him she has to tell Chahat’s truth to everyone. Meanwhile, when Chahat gains consciousness she finds herself in an unknown place in weird clothes.

She feels embarrassed to see herself in these clothes, that moment Sweetie comes and says that she has to dance today to complete her contract for the day. Chahat feels disgusting and asks her to return the necklace but she says that she will have to dance to earn that necklace back. Chahat refuses so Sweetie orders her men to break the necklace.

Chahat puts her hand in front of the hammer which he puts on the necklace. She gets hurt but says that she will dance to protect Vyas ji’s respect. Neel is on his way to find Chahat while she is forcibly sent to the stage to dance. Sweetie throws ghungroos towards Chahat and forces her to dance for the necklace. She unwillingly has to wear it and dance as the music plays.

 Neel reaches the bar and sees the car in which Chahat was kidnapped, he hears the guards saying that today Chahat is going to dance inside. He is shocked and goes inside after beating the guards.

Neel finds a guy misbehaving with Chahat which enrages him, he beats the man away and covers her with curtains. He beats all the men over there while Chahat threatens Sweetie to hit her with bottle if she doesn’t return the necklace. A man comes and grabs Chahat but Neel frees her and beats all the men who touched her. He then asks her how did she reach here so she tells everything that happened and she had to do all this for the necklace.

Neel is shocked and says a necklace is not as important as her respect but she says that this is Vyas ji’s trust shown on her and she is ready to give away her respect for one day to keep Vyas ji’s trust intact. Neel gets angry and slaps her and says that how can she think that family’s respect is more important than her own respect. He gets frustrated thinking what could have happened with her and is about to hurt a guy with a broken bottle. 

Chahat takes away the bottle from him and calms him down and hugs him. He says that he would not be able to forgive himself if anything happens to her. He sees a mark on her face and harms himself for slapping her.

She stops him and asks him to take her away from here as she is feeling choked here. But he stops her and asks how did this lady come instead of Bhajan singer and asks her who gave her the number of these people. She tries to avoid his question but has to tell that Meera gave her the number. The episode ends.