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Neel asks Chahat why is she still walking barefooted so she says that she will do so till Vyas ji forgives her. He then takes a plate and keeps some leaves on it and starts singing a made up prayer in sarcasm and troubles her.

Vyas ji sees Naveli and Mami checking out Baig’s bag and jewels and asks angrily. Mami ji makes an excuse that she was checking the black money. But Vyas ji angrily says that she has made two mistakes today and her punishment is that she won’t be present in Kripa’s dhantula ceremony where this money will be distributed to the poor.

Vyas ji orders Aalekh to keep the money in bag and then takes the bag from him and goes away while Ghazala, who was watching everything decides to get back her money. Neel taunts her when Chahat sees a setup for Kripa’s dhantula.

Chahat is about to go inside when she sees the boundary made by Mami and tells Neel that she won’t enter the house till Vyas ji doesn’t forgive her. Ghazala wanders in the house when she sees Vyas ji going outside with the bag where Neel tells him that Chahat won’t step in till he forgives her.

Chahat apologizes to Vyas ji but he says that she doesn’t need his permission to go inside the house. He says that Chahat will sit with Kripa in the ceremony which makes her happy. He says that he wants her to do so because she takes care of Kripa the most but has not forgiven her.

 He gives her the bag and asks her to keep it which Ghazala sees. Neel and Chahat enter the house while Chahat asks him what is in the bag but he doesn’t tell him anything. Chahat sneezes so Neel gives her napkin but Ghazala isn’t able to see her face.

Ghazala plans to steal the bag from Neel’s room. Chahat sneezes again so Neel asks her to take steam quickly else she will have to face Vyas ji’s wrath later. Chahat asks what is in the bag but he says that it is just the donation amount and makes her take steam.

 Ghazala sees Mami going upstairs and follows her. Mami comes in and gives saree and jewelries for Chahat. Mami sees Chahat taking steam and says that it will take time and she has to put Alta in legs also. Ghazala says in between that she will put Alta but Mami forbids her fearing Vyas ji’s anger. But Ghazala insists and says she won’t tell Vyas ji so she agrees and goes.

Neel instructs Ghazala to not tell Chahat about Baig and goes. Ghazala takes a plate and goes near Chahat and applies Alta to her. After that she looks around for the bag and finds it and Chahat sees her taking the bag but not clearly. She asks Ghazala where is she taking the bag and takes it back saying that she will handle it.

Chahat asks her to go and take rest so she has to go unwillingly. Chahat wonders what must be in the bag when Neel comes and sees her and fears that Chahat will immediately recognize the jewels.

Neel quickly goes and offers her a kadha saying that her cold will run away but she denies drinking it. But he forcibly makes he drink it and she makes faces due to to bitterness. Neel clicks her photos making such faces and teases her.

She asks him to delete the photos but he refuses and asks her to get ready quickly. Chahat goes to change while Neel goes out with the bag when Ghazala sees him. Vyas ji asks him to keep the bag near Tula and sees Ghazala watching them. She expresses her guilt so he asks her to donate the money to poor. The episode ends.