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Mami and Naveli are waiting for Vyasji and Bhupinder to return. When they return, they tell the ladies that Neel has refused to reveal his relation with Chahat to the Police and is getting beaten up very badly by them. Naveli and Mami feel really bad for Neel. Vyasji says that they have no other option but to request Chahat to help Neel get free.

Ghazala stops him from meeting Chahat. Vyasji says that it is very important for him to meet Chahat as Neel’s life is at stake but she refused. She then put a condition for the same. She said Vyasji will have to rub his nose on the ground and then apologise to her and only then will she allow him to meet Chahat. Chahat was listening to all this from her room. Bhupinder and the rest of the family got really angry on hearing Ghazala’s Condition. Vyasji was ready to do even that to meet Chahat and for Neel.
Ghazala said that this is just the trailer and the entire movie is remaining. Zain enters with a bunch of people to create a scene at the house. He manipulated them into believing that Neel has misbehaved with Chahat and Vyasji deserves to be punished along with the entire family. They don’t deserve to live in a civilized society where in women are not respected and such things are not expected from a family whose head has been the main priest of the city temple.

Chahat shouted from the room, requesting Ghazala and Zain to stop insulting Vyasji as he is innocent. Ghazala said that Chahat cannot stop her today and she is going to teach a lesson to this family. Bhupinder, Naveli and Mami warn people from advancing towards Vyasji.
Vyasji himself got down and applied mud on his face. Ghazala said that this is not enough and she brought a Shoe garland to put it around Vyasji’s Neck. Here Neel was bailed by Aalek. Neel thought that it must’ve been Chahat who got his bail but it was indeed Aalek who got him out. Neel asked him the reason for the same. Aalek said he got him out so that he could see his family suffering with his own eyes. Neel runs towards the house. When Ghazala was about to put the garland, Chahat appeared and stopped her from doing so. Chahat said that Vyasji is innocent and hasn’t done anything bad that he is being humiliated. She made Vyasji sit and started wiping the mud off his face. She even picked up a stick to fight off men who tried to manhandle Vyasji. When Chahat was fighting the men, she slipped and fell in the well. Neel saw this and jumped into the well to save her. Vyasji and the rest of the family brought them up. Zain tried to call the cops. Neel snatched the phone from him and told him that he is out on bail. Chahat then warned Neel that what she did was only because Vyasji was not at fault and this was not what her father had taught her.

She said that she has no warmth either for him or for his family. Next day Neel went to Vyasji to apologise for what had happened to him. Neel said that it is because of him that he had to suffer in such a way. Vyasji said that even though Chahat has lost her memory, but she still has a lot of respect for him and that is the reason she helped him the other day and one day she will regain her memory and everything will be fine.