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Chahat prays to Saraswati to reduce the differences between Neel and Vyas ji and make Vyas ji accept their relationship. Neel finds a doll in Kripa’s bed while Naveli watches him and hopes for him to to play the recording. But Kripa starts crying so he doesn’t press the play button. Kripa spoils Neel’s shirt so Alka says that she like him a lot and he loves her a lot.

 She offers to change Kripa’s diaper and Neel goes to change his shirt. Naveli is disappointed as Neel didn’t listen to the recording. At night Chahat sees Neel changing his clothes and asks him whether he talked to Vyas ji. She says that he should not misbehave with him but he shuts her saying that their elders don’t deserve their respect as they are narrow minded.

Neel tells Chahat that Vyas ji used to give her Saraswati’s place and now he doesn’t want to see her face, so Chahat makes him understand giving an example what Vyas ji must be feeling. She makes him realize how he would have felt cheated just like Vyas ji. Neel says that though Vyas ji is upset but that doesn’t mean that he would blame her for the natural calamity. Next morning Neel asks for soap while taking bath but it goes in his eyes so he asks for water. He requests her to help him as his eyes are burning. She helps him and then Neel blackmails her to be with him. So she has to stay and give bath to him, they have a fun time.

Bhopu comes there and sees them and does drama to tease them, Chahat goes and offers him tea. Neel comes out and asks him whether he did what he asked him to do. He tells Chahat that he has got these posters printed to give back to this people who have insulted her. Chahat tells Bhopu that Neel will make Vyas ji more angry by doing this, he tells that they don’t have any clue who the next mahant is. They hear Vyas ji shouting and they go out to see what happened. Chahat sees a poster showing Chahat’s achievements so Neel praises Bhopu for this and teases Vyas ji talking about Chahat’s good deeds.

Vyas ji asks Neel to get this poster out but Neel says that this is kept outside the house and that Chahat has saved lives of many people and the villagers should know the truth. He says that the people who are blinded by religion they need to know the truth. Vyas ji says that his feelings bfir Chahat won’t change by all this and then tears the poster. Neel then asks Bhopu to put a bigger banner than this outside the house and also come for distributing in whole village. Chahat tries to console Vyas ji but he goes inside. She sees the pandits coming and thinks if talking to them, she tries but they ignore her. They go in and talk to Aalekh about his position of mahant so Chahat hears this and us shocked.

Chahat thinks that Aalekh is going to misuse this position and he doesn’t deserve this position. She sees a doll falling from a window and wonders how did this come in the house. She is about to play the recording but Mami snatches it from her and gives it for donation. Mami ji asks mama ji to take it while Chahat sees the wrapping if the doll with Saraswati’s name on it. Aalekh goes close to Naveli and hugs her but she gets angry on her. He tells her that he will become mahant tomorrow and they will spend lavish life together.

Naveli now feels that she has done a big mistake by recording Aalekh’s truth in that doll and prays that no one gets the doll. Chahat wonders how can this parcel come so many months after Saraswati’s death even if she would have posted it before death. She goes to Alka and asks what was inside the parcel so she tells that there was a doll in it so Chahat realizes that it is the doll that Mami was sending for donation. She thinks that there might be a connection between Aalekh becoming mahant and this doll’s sudden arrival. The episode ends.