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Aalekh tells Vyas ji that Meera is the girl whom Neel wanted to marry and then inspector gives a theory that Neel married Chahat and Meera might have threatened to tell the truth to everyone so he might have got her kidnapped to shut her mouth. Neel says that he himself didn’t know about this, Vyas ji goes to Chahat and asks whether this is true.

She hesitates but agrees to this fact, Vyas ji is shocked while Mami asks him how did he get married to Chahat if Meera is his real girlfriend. The inspector says that he has to arrest Neel for interrogation, Neel and Chahat try to resist them but s constable pushes Chahat which makes Neel angry and he hits him.

The inspector gets angry and arrests him, Chahat tries to stop them saying that Neel’s argument with Meera doesn’t prove his guilt but they don’t listen and take him. Mami holds Chahat back while Neel is taken,  Chahat tries to convince Vyas ji that she will free Neel soon but Mami asks Chahat to tell the truth first.

 She says that bringing Neel back is more important right now and asks Vyas ji for blessings but he says that he is hurt with her lie and cannot give her any blessing. Chahat accepts her mistake but also promises that she will free Neel from prison. Later Naveli goes to Aalekh and congratulates him for executing his plan of trapping Neel. But he denies kidnapping Meera and says that he followed her but she vanished suddenly and wonders who could have kidnapped Meera.

Chahat is on her way to free Neel when she gets Meera’s call who teases her asking did she find out about her kidnapper. Chahat is shocked while Meera says that she had to do this to get Neel’s attention but Chahat tells her that she created trouble for Neel. But Meera says that she wants Chahat to learn her lesson and even Neel, and only she can bring him out of prison and then she will reveal her truth to the family.

She says that Neel will learn his lesson in prison, but Chahat says that she will anyhow free Neel from prison. Chahat curses her for her cheap tricks but Meera says that if she wants to free Neel then she will have to tell her own truth to Neel’s family else Neel will have to rot in jail forever.

Sound of Namaz comes from Meera’s place while she blackmails Chahat. Vyas ji is heartbroken while Mami and Naveli try to brainwash him about Chahat while Aalekh also indulges in brainwashing Vyas ji. He says that they should try to know about Chahat’s family but Vyas ji shuts them all and says that he wants to hear the truth from Chahat herself.

 Neel gets beaten up in prison but he tells them that he didn’t kidnap Meera. Chahat comes there and stops them, they let her go inside to meet him. Th inspector gives her a stick to beat him for ditching her but she says that he didn’t ditch her and praises Neel’s clean heart.

Chahat tells them that she can bet that he is not involved in Meera’s kidnapping, inspector asks her to give a proof. Chahat says that she will bring Meera herself as a proof, Neel tries to stop her but she says that she can take any risk for him. Chahat checks the timer and sees only 30 minutes are left which worries her.

 Chahat tells  him that she will bring Meera here in half an hour, she tries to enquire about Meera outside. She sees a women and mistakes her to be Meera but her time gets wasted. She prays to God for helping her when Chahat hears the sound of Quran, Neel prays for Chahat’s safety.

Chahat suddenly realizes that she heard this sound when she was talking to Meera and understands that Meera is somewhere near this place while Meera prepares to leave this place forever. She sees a hotel nearby and goes there and finds Meera. Meera is shocked to see her and Chahat tells her that she has called the cops to arrest her.

 Meera gets scared after hearing police siren but Chahat locks her in the room. Chahat takes the cops to the room but they find Meera tied up, Chahat is shocked to see her. Meera starts acting in front of the inspector and fakes in front of them. Inspector asks if Neel got her kidnapped but Meera denies that fact and asks him to take her to Vyas ji’s house. The episode ends.