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Chahat asks the man to go away from her but he says that he has payed money and won’t leave her. He pins her on the bed and forces himself on her but Neel comes on time and pulls him back. He angrily beats him badly for touching Chahat while she wonders that he is the one who has information and tries to stop Neel from beating him.

 The man asks for forgiveness and Neel leaves him after a warning. They both leave, while at home Aalekh comes to get some papers signed by Vyas ji and he asks him whether he is trying to open a factory as Chahat told him.

Aalekh panics but says Chahat might be mistaken and Vyas ji tells him that she has gone to meet Avasthi and her misunderstanding will be cleared. Aalekh realizes that she must have gone to the factory to find out who threw the molten iron that day and fears that she might find out that he got the fake statue made.

 Meanwhile Neel confronts Chahat for going and knockiy some random person’s door so she apologizes but he scolds her for her carelessness. He says that they won’t stay in this lodge any more and go but she somehow stops him making excuse of money but he says that respect is more important. She says that she should study right now peacefully when they hear voices from other rooms so Neel goes to make them silent but rude reply comes from other room.

Chahat laughs at this which makes him angry and he trips and falls on her. They fall on bed and share an intense eyelock. Aalekh calls Avasthi ji and asks whether Chahat came to him so he tells that she came to enquire about the molten iron, he also tells him that Chahat has taken the fake statue that he found in the factory which panics Aalekh. He thinks of acquiring the statue before Chahat reaches to him with it’s help.

Neel feels uncomfortable due to the voices and says she won’t be able to study here. But Chahat finds a solution and says she has her lectures recorded in her phone and wears earphones. She studies but Neel feels weird and asks her to give him one ear piece.

Chahat says that this has her medical lectures but he says he would rather listen to this than the voices outside. They sit sharing the earpieces and she studies while Neel stares her and smiles and slowly falls asleep on her shoulder.

Aalekh goes to Neel’s room and looks for the statue everywhere and somehow finds it hidden in Chahat’s saree. Neel wakes up by the voices of other room so he takes the bed and pins it on the door to make it sounproof. Chahat says he is looking cute and pulls his cheeks again but he resists her.

Aalekh lusts with Chahat’s saree and thinks of doing something to stop her from trying to expose him. Chahat watches Neel sleep and asks him to move as she has to buy chips but she insists saying that she is hungry. He resists her and asks her to focus on studying while the police come to that hotel for raid.

They hear Chahat and Neel fighting and misunderstand them and take them to police station. Aalekh reaches Bhopu’s factory and plans to put it’s stealing blame on him. He hides the statue in a drawer and hears Baigsy voice and goes to check but Bhopu comes and stops him. Aalekh says that he was just passing by and thought of meeting him and also offers financial help as his business is down.

Aalekh says that he can ask him for help if he needs money so Bhopu says that he is managing and will asks for help if he needs. Aalekh asks him about the voices coming from other room but Bhopu gives some excuse and asks him to leave.

The police take Neel to station while Aalekh calls the maker of statue but hears Chahat and Neel’s voice fighting with the cops and realizes that he might open his mouth in front of Neel and Chahat. The episode ends.