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Chahat tells her dad that she will cure him and tries to make him get up but he doesn’t have the strength. Meanwhile the man goes to meet Ghazala and she scolds him for leaving Baig alone but he says a boy came and told him that she called him.

She gets shocked when she hears Neel’s voice and goes in to check. She finds Neel asking about Dr Baig at the reception but the receptionist says that there is no person with this name. Neel gets enraged and gets violent with him so he shows him the register with all names and says there is no such name here.

Neel asks the receptionist whether any lady in white saree came here. He says that she comes sometimes to meet an old man and on being forced he tells the room number also. Neel rushes towards the room and the driver says that they need to stop him but Ghazala says that he is in anger and it is best to wait here for now.

Chahat lifts Dr Baig but he again falls down which brings her in stress while Neel approaches the room. Chahat panics thinking that Neel might reach here before they leave. Neel reaches there and goes in and finds someone sleeping on bed. Neel goes towards the person and lifts the bedsheet but it turns out to be someone else.

Few minutes ago… A housekeeping comes for giving towel but Chahat drags him in and pleads for helping her to take her dad away to a safe place. He agrees and asks what he can do so she asks if he knows any safe place so he tells that there is an empty room at this floor so they quickly lift Dr Baig and take him to that room. She requests him to lie down on the bed so that Neel gets confused.

Presently… Neel asks the man what is he doing here and where is Baig but he says that this room is empty so he thought of taking a nap here. Neel throws him out and gets pissed. Chahat tells Dr Baig that she has to go out to book and cab and will take him to a safe place.

She then puts in the disguise and goes while Neel rushes to reception and asks if Baig ran from here. The man says no and tells that there is another way at the back to go out. He goes towards the door while Chahat also walks towards him while booking cab and they collide. Her phone falls so she picks it up but is stopped by Neel who doubts her.

Neel pulls her and takes her with off along with the beard. Meanwhile Aalekh asks Bhupendar about Chahat’s family, saying that Neel and Chahat know each other since college days so he must be knowing something about them. Bhupendar says that he doesn’t know about them as he met Chahat also rarely, then he goes.

 Aalekh wonders if Bhupendar doesn’t know anything or us not telling while Bhupendar thinks of telling Neel about it. Meanwhile Neel confronts Chahat about her presence here and says she misused his trust. She says that even she trusted him that they are a team but he came here alone.

Neel warns her to tell him where Baig is as he has to take his revenge but she says he shouldn’t do anything wrong. He says he will find him anyways and starts going but Chahat stops him and pulls him to control him. She says she will fail as a daughter while he says he will fail as a brother and they both try to resist each other. Chahat says that she won’t let him harm her dad and pushes him. She holds him and brings him in control. She calms his anger and requests him to let her dad explain at least once but he can’t control, still she tries her best to keep him calm. She says everyone deserves a chance and for that they will have to take her dad to hospital and asks for his help. He says he wants to see him first so she takes him to the room but hesitates so he says the he has promised not to harm her dad and won’t break it. She opens the door but finds Baig missing and is shocked. The episode ends.