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Vyas ji tries to calm down Kripa who is crying badly, Chahat says that maybe her diaper needs to be changed and he hands her over to Chahat. Chahat gives a look to Neel and goes upstairs while Neel goes to the temple and hopes that Chahat liked the clothes he sent.

After the prayer Neel gives prasad to  when Chahat gives Kripa to Vyas ji and Neel calls her to take prasad. She goes to him and he asks for an explanation for not wearing his given clothes so she says that she won’t wear such type of clothes but Neel doesn’t understand what she wants to say.

Vyas ji asks Chahat to take care of Kripa and then tells Mama ji to make some arrangements for tomorrow’s jagrata. Chahat hears him and realizes that today is the last day for filling PG entrance form. Neel takes her to the room and says that he first time gave something to her and she didn’t wear it, he says that she could have worn it to keep his heart but she says she couldn’t go on front of everyone wearing those clothes. Neel feels hurt and says he shouldn’t have got that for her, he starts hitting himself but Chahat stops him. He says that if she wants him to stop then she has to wear the clothes he gifted her.

Chahat agrees and goes in to change, she comes out after a while and shows her clothes to Neel despite of being uncomfortable. Neel is surprised while Chahat mocks him for making her wear such short clothes. She lashes out at him saying that she thought that he is not like other guys and had started respecting him but at last he turned out to be like others and how could he expect her to go in front of Vyas ji in these clothes. Neel takes the saree and puts it around her to cover her and then says that he is not like other guys who drool over a girl’s body. He also tells that this was not the gift he had got for her, so she asks him what he got.

Neel feels bad and talks within himself that he had got something which would enhance her beauty and grace which he wanted to see. Meanwhile Naveli checks out the saree in the gift and says she likes it but asks Aalekh why he got this saree for her knowing that she likes Western clothes more.

He sees the saree and says he didn’t bring this for her and thinks that the parcels got exchanged with someone. Neel tells Chahat that he brought a beautiful saree for her and apologizes for making her wear these clothes but she asks him not to.

Chahat wonders where did the saree go but Neel asks her why she wore these clothes if she was uncomfortable. She says that she wore it so that he doesn’t get upset. He apologizes and asks what he can do to make her mood better so she requests him to take to university office for filing the PG entrance form.

She says it is her dad’s dream which makes him angry and he refuses helping her this time. She sees the time and realizes that she has half an hour left to reach the office so she asks Bhopu for help and he agrees. She hands Kripa to Vyas ji and starts leaving.

Mama ji comes to talk to Vyas ji when he falls and Vyas ji shouts. Everyone makes him sit while Chahat notices his face twitching and he says it has been happening since and hour. She checks his BP and finds it high so asks Mami to bring his medicines. She gives him the medicines and then tells that everything is fine as he ate medicine on time. Vyas ji scolds mama ji for his carelessness while Bhopu asks Chahat to come along but she says that it’s too late now and maybe she was not destined to fulfil her dad’s dream. She goes to room when Neel comes in and gives her the receipt for the entrance form and says that he did all this because he wants her to cure her dad soon so that he can complete his revenge.

 She also  says that she wants to cure her dad to prove his innocence, while Mami comes outside their room and hears Chahat say that she will work hard to clear this exam and thinks that if she becomes a big earning person then she will make her and Naveli’s life hell and decides to make Chahat fail in the exam. The episode ends.



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